Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Game Report: Team WHL 5 Team Russia 2

1. RUS Potekhin, (2) (Apalkov, Shavaleev), 11:20
1. WHL Nicholls, (1) (Franko), 13:58
1. WHL Rattie, (1) (Morrow, Weal), 18:50 (PP)
2. RUS Medvedev, (1) (Kulikov, Isangulov), 10:21
2. WHL Weal, (1) (Ross, Morrow), 17:30 (PP)
3. WHL Reinhart, (1) (Kichton, Sissons), 2:05 (SH)
3. WHL Ross, (1) (Rattie, Siemens), 14:06

Goalies Team Russia GA Mins SH SVS PIM
20 Makarov, Andrey 5 60:00 40 35 0

Goalies Team WHL GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Pickard, Calvin 2 60:00 25 23 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Joe Morrow D Team WHL - The player that did the most to stregthen his spot on the Team Canada junior team. He showed a little bit of edgy side tonight which will only help his cause. He is real smooth on the back end and is an asset at both ends of the ice. A lot like another Penguins player Kris Letang.
2) Ty Rattie LW Team WHL - Another Winterhawks player that helped his cause for the Team Canada junior team. Whether or not he makes the team will mostly have to do with the makeup of the team. If they go with 3 highly offensive lines, then I think he makes it, if they go with more of a defensive responsible type lineup, then he may be on the outside. He has a strong game tonight, dishing and dealing. A really crafty player with the puck.
3) Bogdan Potekhin C Team Russia - A player that has been in shadows of Gusev and Kucherov for the series. He had a nice game shooting the puck tonight. He had success being the third man high on line rushes and got himself a goal out of it. A little bit on the smaller side, much like a lot of his Russian forward teammates. Deserves the kudos from tonight's game.

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