Friday, December 16, 2011

Game Report: Moose Jaw 4 Saskatoon 2

1. M.J C. Hansen, (7) (S. Gwinner, T. Brown), 2:24
1. SAS J. Paradis, (9) (D. Dietz, C. Cox), 8:38
2. SAS M. Stransky, (17) (C. Cox), 2:12 (PP)
2. M.J S. Fioretti, (11) (A. Johnson, T. Vanscourt), 9:42 (PP)
2. M.J B. Brooks, (1) (K. Miller, C. Hansen), 12:54
3. M.J T. White, (6) (T. Eberle), 17:52

Goalies Moose Jaw GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Siemens, Luke 2 60:00 39 37 2

Goalies Saskatoon GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Makarov, Andrey 4 58:10 28 24 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Luke Siemens G Moose Jaw - Siemens really held on to keep his team around in this until Moose Jaw was able to mount some offense against Saskatoon. Saskatoon owned the play early, but could only get a couple by Siemens, allowing Moose Jaw to take over the game. Siemens, very much has a style that is a lot like Jimmy Howard from the Red Wings. Kind of unorthodox, catches pucks like a back catcher, baseball style. Stays low in the net, meaning he is very difficult to beat along the ice.
2) Darren Dietz D Saskatoon - Dietz isn't afraid to shoot the puck and owns a pretty nice one timer from the point. RH shot that has a smooth delivery. Mobile enough to jump in the play but comfortable enough to make a play from the point. Very Mike Green in that style. Impressed with his decision making.
3) Carter Hansen RW Moose Jaw - Hansen is a 2013 eligible that should be highly touted next year. Had a goal on a bomb of a shot streaking down the right side. As a 16 year old, already has a nice frame on him and is able to win a lot of one on one battles. First time Hansen really stood out for me as he really asserted himself tonight. Potential power forward type.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 6 Victoria 3

1. VIC J. Crooks, (16) (K. Sundher, T. Traber), 4:22
1. EDM D. Wruck, (11) (M. St. Croix), 14:13 (PP)
1. VIC A. Carroll, (3) (B. Walker, H. Rintoul), 15:25
1. EDM M. Gernat, (7) (S. Legault, T. Foster), 17:20
1. EDM D. Wruck, (12) (M. St. Croix, M. Geertsen), 18:21
2. EDM C. Corbett, (3) (K. Pelss, S. Legault), 9:05 (PP)
2. VIC S. Hodges, (13) (B. Magee, J. Zgraggen), 16:40
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (18) (C. Corbett, T. Maxwell), 19:44
3. EDM T. Maxwell, (18) (M. St. Croix, G. Reinhart), 17:52

Goalies Victoria GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Hamilton, Keith 6 60:00 30 24 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 3 60:00 29 26 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Michael St. Croix RW Edmonton - St. Croix, Wruck and Maxwell continued their assault on the WHL with another strong game against Victoria. St. Croix, himself, is creating chances through passing and shooting. He is real dangerous with the puck now. After a slow start, he has emerged as one of the best playmakers in the WHL. The Rangers are starting to look like they got themselves a steal of a player here.
2) Cody Corbett D Edmonton - Corbett went through a brief stretch in the homestand where he looked lethargic. Tonight, he had himself a strong game. Scored a goal on a shot from the point and played solid defense all night. Corbett is just a prototypical 2 way dman that can play in a multitude of situations. Should be interesting to see if he can continue his progression.
3) Kevin Sundher C Victoria - Really drove the bus for the Victoria offense tonight. He was really dangerous off of the rush, darting and knifing through the D with great poise. His vision on the first Victoria goal was magnificent. A surprise player that I thought would at least get invited to the Team Canada U20 camp if not make the team. Good to see him continuing to press on.

Team Canada U-20 2012 Team

What I thought it would be:
Jonathan Huberdeau(QMJHL)-Zack Phillips(QMJHL)-Mark Stone(WHL)
Jaden Schwartz(WCHA)-Ryan Strome(OHL)-Brendan Gallagher(WHL)
Quinton Howden(WHL)-Mark Scheifele(OHL)-Tyler Toffoli(OHL)
Philip Danault(QMJHL)-Kevin Sundher(WHL)-Brad Ross(WHL)
Ty Rattie(WHL) Michael Bournival(QMJHL)

Brandon Gormley(QMJHL)-Dougie Hamilton(OHL)
Jamie Oleksiak(OHL)-Ryan Murphy(OHL)
Joe Morrow(WHL)- Mark Pysyk(WHL)
Jerome Gauthier-Leduc(QMJHL)

Tyler Bunz(WHL)
Louis Domingue(QMJHL)

What it is:




Where I went wrong:
-The goaltending I got completely wrong. I'm not sure Team Canada got this one completely right. I had Bunz and Domingue, both of whom got cut. They decided on the OHL goaltenders. Visnetin, who was on last years' team, got his spot back to prove he can get it done, even though, he has been subpar on his OHL club this season. Wedgewood is a lot on the same boat. If Canada has a weakness that can be exposed, its in goal.

- On the backend, I had Joe Morrow, Ryan Murphy and Jerome Gauthier-Leduc, who all got cut. They decided on Ryan Murray, Nicolas Beaulieu, and Scott Harrington. Murray I understand why he is on the team, but he is also the youngest player on the team. Some older players like Morrow and Murphy were cut while Murray makes the club. I'm also suprised they chose Beaulieu over Gauthier-Leduc. I feel Gauthier-Leduc has a better well-rounded game, but thats the way it goes. Scott Harrington is a surprise to make the club. I'm sure he'll fit a nice role as a depth Dman.

- On the forwards, Team Canada got some favors by getting Brett Connolly and Devante Smith-Pelly from NHL teams. Connolly likely sent Toffoli packing. Smith-Pelly likely sent both Danault and Ross packing. Not surprised to see Tanner Pearson on the club, he was an over sight on my part and full value to make the club, he likely beat out Ty Rattie. Boone Jenner likely beat out Kevin Sundher, Sundher wasn't even invited to the pre-camp. Freddie Hamilton likely beat out Zack Phillips.

- The team itself will bring more of a hard hat type team. It's a team short on skill, but long on work ethic and playing the game the right way. Should be an intetesting team this year. I'm not sure this team can outscore its goaltending. Team defense will be high priority with this club.

- Only got 12 out of 22 right this year. Meh, I guess better luck next year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 5 Prince Albert 3

1. EDM T. Foster, (14) (K. Pelss), 9:57
1. P.A L. Mahura, (1) (A. Corbin, B. Herrod), 19:29 (PP)
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (17) (D. Wruck, T. Maxwell), 4:11
2. EDM T. Foster, (15) (D. Wruck, C. Corbett), 10:29 (PP)
2. EDM T. Maxwell, (17) (M. St. Croix, D. Wruck), 12:13
3. P.A K. Tochkin, (8) , 6:37
3. EDM R. Dech, (3) (M. St. Croix, D. Wruck), 10:23
3. P.A M. Winther, (14) (M. Hlinka, B. Herrod), 15:13

Goalies Prince Albert GA Mins SH SVS PIM
29 Williams, Eric 5 58:26 31 26 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Jarry, Tristan 3 60:00 37 34 0

3 Players of Note:
1) TJ Foster RW Edmonton - Foster was back at it again tonight, launching bombs. Foster is more convincing me that he can be a bonafide triggerman at the next level. He shoots the puck accurately, he shoots it a lot and shoots it hard. He is dangerous on the power play and responsible 5 on 5. He brings a little bit of every thing else to make his shot a weapon.
2) Tristan Jarry G Edmonton - It's the first game I've seen Jarry make an impact. He was really good early when the Oil Kings came out slow out of the gate. Early penalty trouble put Jarry to the test until the Oil Kings pushed back and starting scoring some of their own. He had some lapses after the game was well in hand, but definitely a good building block game for him. Plays a very similar style that Broissoit has, a very square goaltender, that is mobile enough to make big saves at times.
3) Mike Winther C Prince Albert - Winther was the main focus when Mark McNeill is off doing WHJC stuff. Winther played well, had his speed on full display and is starting to contribute offensively more frequently. His game is a heady one, but not a very physical one, so he's a burner that darts in and out of traffic. I'll be interested to see the final numbers on Winther because if he can put up solid numbers, it may be good enough to get himself drafted.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Game Report: Regina 3 Moose Jaw 2 (OT)

1. M.J E. Arnold, (6) (K. McFaull, C. Hansen), 10:22
2. M.J T. White, (5) (S. Fioretti, D. McIlrath), 14:50
3. REG C. Stephenson, (14) (J. Weal, A. Rieder), 3:18
3. REG R. Blidstrand, (2) (B. Davidson, M. Klimchuk), 17:01
OT. REG L. Scheidl, (10) (J. Weal), 2:57

Goalies Regina GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Hewitt, Matt 2 62:57 24 22 0

Goalies Moose Jaw GA Mins SH SVS PIM
35 Siemens, Luke 3 62:57 31 28 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Brandon Davidson D Regina - Davidson was a rock in this game for the Pats. Just keeping the puck out of trouble and keeping things simple. In a game where Moose Jaw has a team that likes to crowd the net, he was a player that was continually keeping Moose Jaw at bay. I'm not sure how his game will translate at the pro level, but I think at the very least the Oilers have themselves a low maintenence, defensive defenseman.
2) Dylan McIlrath D Mosse Jaw - McIlrath will be a player that will be continually scrutinized for the fact he was a top 10 pick. While I feel it might have been a bit high, the Rangers obviously felt the need to grab him and pass on all the others that were available. McIlrath's skillset is very unique. While he's not a fast skater, he is very solid at gap control, rarely gets beaten one on one. Not to mention he isn't intimidated by anyone but instills fear into others. He'll be a nuclear bomb on the blueline for many years to come.
3) Dyson Stevenson LW Regina - I commend Stevenson's courage on a night like tonight. He initailly fought Tanner Eberle, who is in his weight class, to a spirited fight, to let the other team know his team wasn't going to be pushed around tonight. Then he tangled with a much larger Cody Beach, and managed to stay respectable in the fight. it was after those two fights that Regina was able to get away from Moose Jaw's shenanigans and start playing hockey. It was something small at the beginning of the game that helped Regina get a desired outcome.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 6 Calgary 2

1. EDM S. Legault, (9) (M. Moroz, T. Sieben), 3:45
1. EDM G. Reinhart, (5) (T. Maxwell, D. Wruck), 7:00 (PP)
2. EDM R. Rachinski, (9) (T. Maxwell, G. Reinhart), 3:40 (PP)
2. EDM K. Pelss, (13) (C. Corbett, G. Reinhart), 7:20 (PP)
2. CAL T. Cheek, (9) (B. Macek, C. Sylvester), 9:46 (PP)
3. EDM D. Wruck, (9) (K. Pelss, T. Foster), 9:28
3. EDM J. Peddle, (4) (K. Wilson, S. Legault), 9:50
3. CAL S. Humphries, (5) (G. Chase, R. Trzonkowski), 13:40

Goalies Calgary GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Glover, Brandon 2 32:40 10 8 0
33 Driedger, Chris 4 27:20 13 9 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 2 60:00 28 26 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Kristians Pelss LW Edmonton - Everytime I get the chance to see Pelss play, I become more enamoured with his play. He has run the full gambit with me, from being a player that I didn't think was good enough for the WHL to being a player that could be an effective 2nd/3rd liner in the bigs. Pelss compete and battle is up 10 fold from the beginning of the year and now is starting to showcase his quick wrister that has goalies feeling uneasy. Pelss looks to have found comfort in North America.
2) Griffin Reinhart D Edmonton - Another player that started off slow but has come around to be the player everyone expected to be. His game is very reliable but not physical. But still his reliability will be coveted by NHL teams. With the right partner he could be a projected top pairing Dman. One of his bigger assets lately has been the ability to unleash bombs or quick shots from the point, whatever might be needed. Reinhart looks to be gaining traction. I look for good things from him to close out the year.
3) Victor Rask C Calgary - Rask has a lot of talent and energy in that body. But he refuses to play in the physical areas of the ice and I'm not sure why. Twice he was engaged with hits, once from Reinhart, the other from Ryan Dech, and both times he gave them a stiff arm that sent them to their backsides. He is crazy strong on his skates, but it doesn't do much good when he won't engage the area around the net. This kid is close, and once he realizes how strong he is, he might have himself a long pro career.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 8 Saskatoon 3

1. EDM T. Maxwell, (16) (M. St. Croix, G. Reinhart), 12:01 (PP)
1. SAS L. Sutter, (9) (J. Paradis, C. Cox), 19:36 (PP)
2. EDM C. Lazar, (9) (A. Sautner, T. Foster), 2:16
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (15) (D. Wruck, T. Maxwell), 8:54 (PP)
2. SAS M. Stransky, (14) (C. Collins, D. Dietz), 11:50 (PP)
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (16) (K. Lowe, D. Wruck), 12:16
2. EDM R. Rachinski, (8) (M. St. Croix, T. Maxwell), 16:07 (PP)
2. EDM M. Pysyk, (2) (T. Foster, K. Pelss), 17:31 (PP)
2. EDM M. Moroz, (4) (K. Wilson, K. Lowe), 19:43 (PP)
3. EDM T. Foster, (11) , 4:58 (SH)
3. SAS M. Burns, (12) (L. Sutter, J. Paradis), 6:38

Goalies Saskatoon GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Makarov, Andrey 7 40:00 29 22 0
30 Todd, Adam 1 20:00 7 6 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 3 60:00 28 25 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Michael St. Croix RW Edmonton - With the arrival of Tyler Maxwell a week and a half ago, the line of Wruck-Maxwell-St.Croix has been on fire. It's a line while small, has great dimension to it. St. Croix being the playmaker, Maxwell being the triggerman and Wruck buzzing around the net for loose pucks. St. Croix was sublime tonight, making great reads with puck, be it shooting or passing, and just making plays all over the ice.
2) Mark Pysyk D Edmonton - Pysyk was smooth tonight. Making great reads, outlet passes and jumping in the rush. A very versatile and dependable defender, if Team Canada WJHC team decides to come calling. Can play on the PP and PK eqaully effectively.
3) Lukas Sutter C Saskatoon - A player that I'm kind of kicking myself that I left off the last top 20 list I did. His tenacity is undeniable, but now he is starting chip in offensively a lot more frequently. Very much a Sutter in the sense that he has lots of hustle and never quits on a play. Gets his nose dirty around the net. Made a couple of daft plays around the net tonight that resulted in a couple of goals for Saskatoon.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Game Report: Kamloops 5 Prince George 4

1. KAM T. Bozon, (11) (C. Smith, A. Madaisky), 12:54
1. P.G A. Forsberg, (5) (T. Bourke), 14:56
1. KAM C. Souto, (5) (B. Maschmeyer, R. Hanes), 16:30
2. P.G J. Mykitiuk, (3) (C. Carlson, C. Elynuik), 2:06
2. KAM M. Needham, (6) (B. Maschmeyer, B. Ranford), 17:44 (PP)
3. P.G S. Asuchak, (8) (T. Bourke, A. Forsberg), 0:32
3. KAM T. Bell, (1) (T. Hansen), 2:19
3. KAM B. Ranford, (14) (M. Needham), 13:11 (PP)
3. P.G T. Bourke, (8) (A. Forsberg, C. Carlson), 15:20 (PP)

Goalies Prince George GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Owsley, Drew 5 58:59 32 27 0

Goalies Kamloops GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Lanigan, Cam 4 60:00 29 25 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Matt Needham C Kamloops - Needham was a lot more dangerous in this game than in the games I saw earlier in the year. It's a luxary that Kamloops has this kind of depth all pulling in the same direction. It's why their team is so good this year. Needham is a 16 year old that plays a fireplug type game and plays the game with very little fear. Still needs to learn the finer points of the defensive game but he's a player that keep the energy high and has good hands around the net.
2) Troy Bourke LW Prince George - Bourke has had a very slow start to the year, but in this specific game looked like the Troy Bourke of last year. Attacking the net, using his vision to make plays and making good decisions with the puck. Bourke, Asuchak and Alex Forsberg have the makeup of a dynamic line even if 2/3rds of it aren't even draft eligible yet.
3) Tyler Bell D Kamloops - A 2012 draft eligible player that is starting to play more frequently and starting to make the most of it. At the moment, he is under the radar, but a player that has a lot of tools for a dman. Plays tough, has a crisp shot, and has pretty good mobility. He'll be an interesting player to watch throughout the year to see if he can make more of an impact on Kamloops blueline.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Game Report: Lethbridge 4 Medicine Hat 3

1. M.H J. Bettauer, (11) (H. Shinkaruk, J. Hart), 13:51 (PP)
2. M.H J. Hart, (4) (M. Konan, J. Bettauer), 5:47 (PP)
2. LET B. Ramsay, (11) (N. Buonassisi, L. Oslanski), 15:27 (PP)
2. LET J. Watson, (2) (J. Yakubowski, L. Oslanski), 17:11
2. LET S. Mckechnie, (3) (R. Maxwell, C. Braes), 18:52
3. LET C. Braes, (12) (B. Sutter), 0:36 (PP)
3. M.H J. Bettauer, (12) (H. Shinkaruk, E. Etem), 5:33 (PP)

Goalies Lethbridge GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Ketlo, Damien 3 60:00 38 35 0

Goalies Medicine Hat GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Bunz, Tyler 4 58:53 27 23 0

3 Players of Note:
1) James Bettauer D Medicine Hat. I was really impressed with Bettauer's ability to run a power play from the point. Making good read, outlet passes and finding seams to get his shots through. He's a 20 year old that has found his obtained WHL highs in goals and he is 2 points short of points as well. He is kind of a power play specialist at this point since he can't seem to keep his plus/minus down, but an intriguing player that can provide some offense from the backend.
2) Jamal Watson RW Lethbridge. A 16 year old that is finding his groove in his first WHL season. He has speed and hands, two things that are hard to find in players. Once he gets a little older and bigger, he could start terrorizing defenses around the WHL. He has a real nice cut to the net, much like Emerson Etem does these days, just not quite as polished as Etem's is.
3) Cam Braes C Lethbridge. Another workmanlike effort from Braes. Scored another goal mouth scramble type goal that he has scored a lot of over his time in the Dub. He seems to be the focal point of this new found gritty efforts lately that have propelled the Hurricanes to some wins lately. 3 in a week now increases their total to 8 for the year. I'm sure as the trade deadline approaches, someone will be looking at the 20 year Braes for some depth scoring.