Thursday, November 17, 2011

Game Report: Team Russia 7 Team WHL 5

1. RUS Kartaev, (1) (Knyazev), 2:18
1. WHL Howden, (1) , 5:57 (SH/PS)
1. RUS Kucherov, (3) (Apalkov), 18:49
1. WHL Stone, (1) (McNeill, Yuen), 18:59
2. WHL McNeill, (1) (Ferland), 0:09
2. WHL McNeill, (2) (Stone, Weal), 5:30
2. RUS Kartaev, (2) (Gusev, Gurkin), 7:51
2. WHL Pulock, (1) (Weal), 16:54 (PP)
3. RUS Gusev, (3) (Kucherov, Kulikov), 2:16
3. RUS Kulikov, (2) (Nesterov, Gusev), 2:40
3. RUS Apalkov, (2) (Shavaleev, Potekhin), 9:55
3. RUS Kucherov, (4) (Naumenkov), 14:45

Goalies Team WHL GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Pickard, Calvin 7 58:33 35 28 0

Goalies Team Russia GA Mins SH SVS PIM
20 Makarov, Andrey 5 60:00 35 30 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Nikita Gusev LW Team Russia - For my money, the best player for Team Russia throughout the entire tourney. Small but vision, speed, and a quick shot made the CHL look goofy at times. Really good at catching the trailer on plays. Really impressed with his offensive skills and he really put the puck in good positions for plays to be made.
2) Mark Stone RW Team WHL - Stone is practically a lock for Team Canada at the WJHC. This game cemented it with Team Canada head coach Don Hay looking on. Has a real net presence about him but also plays away from the net just as well. Equally good at passing as shooting. A skilled big man will be something Team Canada will need.
3) Mark McNeill C Team WHL - I haven't seen much of McNeill so far this year. But I'm guessing it was likely his best game of the year. Hasn't had a strong start with Prince Albert this year, but showed why I had him as a top ten pick from last yeasr draft, he went 18th to Chicago. I see him as a Jarret Stoll type with slightly better skating. Kind of an important utility knife type player that can play in various situations.

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