Saturday, November 26, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 5 Lethbridge 2

1. EDM T. Maxwell, (12) (M. Gernat, D. Wruck), 13:40
2. LET N. Buonassisi, (8) (P. Tot, A. Henry), 9:31
3. EDM D. Wruck, (6) (C. Corbett, M. St. Croix), 2:55
3. EDM M. St. Croix, (12) (M. Gernat), 4:54
3. EDM T. Maxwell, (13) (M. St. Croix, G. Reinhart), 6:40
3. LET C. Braes, (10) (N. Buonassisi, A. Henry), 8:54
3. EDM M. St. Croix, (13) (D. Wruck), 17:29 (EN)

Goalies Lethbridge GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Ketlo, Damien 4 59:53 37 33 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Jarry, Tristan 2 60:00 27 25 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Tyler Maxwell C Edmonton - The Oil Kings needed some offensive punch out of some 20 year olds. So they went and found Tyler Maxwell off of a struggling Everett team. It didn't take long for him to find chemistry with his linemates, St.Croix and Wruck. The line combined for all 5 Oil Kings goals. He's coming in firing, which is a good thing because St Croix and Wruck like to carry the puck. Maxwell coming in will mean less featuring Curtis Lazar in that spot but it will be better overall for the team. Keeps his game simple, a good suveyor of the ice from the center position, will be an eecellent CIS scorer, with some potential to stick with an AHL club.
2) Cody Corbett D Edmonton - Really impressed with Corbett's calm demeanor on the ice, but still has the smarts to make the correct play almost every time. Be it stretch passes, little chip passes, or launching bombs from the point. He really gets the offense going from the backend. At the same time, takes care of things defensively. Becoming more impressive with each passing game.
3) Nick Buonassisi C Lethbridge - Buonassisi was the Hurricanes best option for a goal tonight. Scored on a one-timer and set up a one-timer for the only goals the Hurricanes scored. Lethbridge tries hard but there seems to be a point in the game that just breaks their will, be it an unlucky goal or a bad penalty. It comes with being an unsuccessful team, but Buonassisi is a part of this. Sometimes you just have to keep playing no matter what happens. He has some nice offensive vision but went long stretches of being totally unnoticable.

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