Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Game Report: Team Russia 5 Team QMJHL 4 (SO)

1. RUS Kucherov, (1) (Gusev, Grigorenko), 0:55
2. QMJH Bissonnette, (1) (Gélinas, O'Brien), 2:01
2. QMJH Hudon, (1) (Brouillard, Beaulieu), 8:00
3. RUS Galimov, (1) (Isangulov, Gurkin), 6:12
3. RUS Grigorenko, (1) (Gusev), 8:14
3. QMJH Bissonnette, (2) (Ouellet, Pageau), 12:31
3. RUS Gusev, (1) (Grigorenko, Kucherov), 12:39
3. QMJH Bissonnette, (3) (Hudon), 19:45

QMJHL 28 Nathan Beaulieu Goal
QMJHL 9 Nikita Kucherov Goal
QMJHL 14 Daniil Apalkov Goal

3 Players of Note:
1) Matthew Bissonnette QMJHL - A 19 year old player that is undrafted having the year of his life. Already has a career high in points and its only November. I'm guessing he is having fun riding shotgun for for Zack O'Brien, both of them being the 2nd and 3rd leading scorers in the Q. The QMJHL team had a lack big body presence in front of Russia's net and Bissonette applied himself in this game to be that guy. AT 6'4", he's a player I'm sure that scouts were doing a double check on, his skating is a little questionable, but his hands around the crease area are undeniable.
2) Nikita Gusev Russia - Another undrafted player, that really made a name for himself being the guy that sprung Nikita Kucherov on endless breakaways throughout the 2 game set. Potted one himself tonight. Is very much a new age Russia type player. Thick bodied, excellant puck distributor, and just takes whats given to him, doesn't try to force the play. This is a player that some NHL team will be giving a phone call to. He has some NHL calibre skills in his game.
3) Mikhail Grigorenko Russia - Grigorenko is flat out sublime. He's got this Mario Lemieux-esque type aura where the game and everything around him develops in slow motion. His game is pure suspended animation. Excellent vision. Scored on a breakaway tonight that no goaltender in the world would have stopped. Kid's got hands and knows how to make plays unfold. Very deliberate in his approach. I look forward to seeing more from him. I'm calling that he is a top 2 pick come this June.

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