Monday, November 7, 2011

Game Report: Team Russia 2 Team QMJHL 0

Team Russia Goals:

Kirill Rasskazov
Bogdan Potekhin

Team QMJHL Goals:


Shots on Goal - Team Russia 12 Team QMJHL 42

3 Players of Note:
1) Sergey Kostenko G Russia - He was brilliant and flawless. Not the most gifted athlete but his positioning is very sound and was never caught out of position. Made great saves, routine saves and rarely gave out any rebounds. I'm sure NHL scouts were trying to find out anything they could about this player. Was busy but didn't break at all under the pressure.
2) Nathan MacKinnon C QMJHL - My first look at the prodigy, Nathan MacKinnon and he came as advertised. Really pushed the play and attacked the net with speed and power. Sidney Crosby is a natural comparison but he has more of an attacking style where Crosby will dissect you through vision and finesse. He's a very intriguing player as he has a very wide set of skills. Should easily be a top 5 pick in the 2013 NHL draft.
3) Jerome Gauthier-Leduc D QMJHL - This player's skillset blew me away tonight. Amazing poise and vision. Shoots bombs from the point. Was in the play all night, trying to create but ultimately could not get the puck into the net, much like the rest of his team. Just not a lot of puck luck in general for Team Q tonight. I look for Gauthier-Leduc to be on Team Canada U20 Junior team come Xmas time.

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