Friday, November 18, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 4 Prince Albert 3

2. EDM T. Foster, (8) (M. Gernat, D. Wruck), 3:46 (PP)
2. P.A K. Tochkin, (2) (J. Maylan), 8:46
2. P.A B. Herrod, (8) (M. McNeill), 16:28
2. EDM C. Benson, (1) (M. Geertsen, R. Rachinski), 17:50
3. EDM T. Foster, (9) , 1:00 (SH/PS)
3. P.A T. Vanscourt, (6) , 1:41 (PP)
3. EDM R. Rachinski, (6) (T. Foster), 19:54

Goalies Prince Albert GA Mins SH SVS PIM
29 Williams, Eric 4 60:00 35 31 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 3 60:00 21 18 0

3 Players of Note:
1) TJ Foster C Edmonton - TJ Foster had a big game again tonight, and without his big game, the Oil Kings don't have a chance to win this game. Everytime I think the well is about to dry up on him, he comes up with a game like this, 2 goals 1 assist, a goal on the penalty shot, and just an all around solid game. I'm not sure how great of a scorer he will be at the pro level, but the kid scores pro level style goals, most coming from his wicked shot. A team looking for a straight up shooter that can play some two-way hockey, Foster is your guy.
2) Mark McNeill C Prince Albert - He was impressive again tonight, coming off a strong game last night against Team Russia. McNeill is a lot like TJ Foster, except he also has the ability to drive the net. He is a very strong skater, straight up shooter, two-way center. He's a player that is all over the ice, but knows where to be at any given time. A very versatile player.
3) Kellen Tochkin RW Prince Albert - I had a chance to see Kellen earlier in the year when he was a member of the Medicine Hat Tigers. He really didn't have muh of a role in MH, just essentially a player that took a shift and made sure he didn't get scored on. In PA, a team that is starved for goals, Kellen Tochkin fits into a more offensive role here. Not sure if he has much of a pro career ahead of him, but he had a nice game tonight generating offense through some shifty board work and cycling. All that being said it was a game where Pysyk and Reinhart were both noticably absent.

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