Friday, November 11, 2011

Game Report: Seattle 5 Calgary 4

1. SEA B. Gallimore, (8) (L. Lockhart, C. Pickard), 1:10
1. CAL D. Gayle, (4) (K. Lubin, A. Gogolev), 2:18
1. SEA C. Sanvido, (3) (S. Aschim), 3:58
1. CAL A. Roach, (1) (A. Gogolev, D. Gayle), 7:03 (PP)
1. CAL B. Brassart, (5) , 7:19
1. SEA J. Hickman, (3) (B. Laroque, B. Rouse), 10:05
1. SEA M. Noebels, (8) (B. Gallimore, D. Sutter), 12:10 (PP)
2. CAL A. Gogolev, (5) (D. Gayle), 9:36
2. SEA J. Hickman, (4) (M. Noebels), 19:47

Goalies Seattle GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Pickard, Calvin 4 60:00 27 23 0

Goalies Calgary GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Glover, Brandon 1 18:20 12 11 0
33 Driedger, Chris 4 20:00 15 11 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Alex Gogolev LW Calgary - He had a spring in his step tonight. Looked good on line rushes especially. Had a goal and two assists and created all night for Calgary. A player that plays well in open space but doesn't like the board play much.
2) Marcel Noebels C Seattle - He plays a pretty simple game. Pucks in, pucks out. He also has a nice knack around the net to finish plays. Forced to play on the 1st line in Seattle when he would likely be better of on a 2nd line. Seems a little over his head, but still plays hard and had himself a nice night tonight, a goal and an assist and preserving a lead.
3) Justin Hickman C Seattle - Hickman is an under the radar 2012 draft eligible this year. He picked up a couple of goals tonight to push his total to 7 points in 17 games. Will need to pick up the pace offensively to get noticed. He does have a good overall game, responsible all over the ice and much like Noebels just keeps the puck moving forward. Someone might take a late round flyer on him if someone is looking for a big, strapping, two-way center thats right handed.

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