Sunday, February 26, 2012

Game Report: Edmonton 4 Lethbridge 1

1. EDM M. Moroz, (14) (K. Lowe), 5:13
1. EDM T. Maxwell, (36) (M. Gernat, T. Foster), 10:10 (PP)
1. EDM M. Moroz, (15) (T. Ewanyk, C. Lazar), 10:25
2. LET B. Ramsay, (23) (G. Hood, L. Oslanski), 19:22
3. EDM S. Legault, (13) (H. Samuelsson), 19:32 (EN)

Goalies Lethbridge GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Ketlo, Damien 3 58:09 35 32 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 1 60:00 32 31 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Mitchell Moroz LW Edmonton - Over the last 2 months, Moroz's game has started to take off. A player known for strictly his pugilism at the beginning of the year has now added a power forward dimension to his game. He has been taking puck to the net strong recently and he's been able to cash in some goals. Moroz is very strong for a 17 year old. Could become a blossoming player for the Oil Kings.
2) Laurent Broissant G Edmonton - Broissoit's year has been up and down. Showing signs of flakiness that absorbs a lot of goaltenders in the hockey realm. Today, he looked confident. After the Oil Kings went up 3-0, the Hurricanes started to push back, but Broissoit was there to turn him away. Broissoit just need to battle the mental demons in his game. The Oil Kings will need him to be strong if they want to play into May this year.
3) Travis Ewanyk C Edmonton - My first viewing of Ewanyk since coming back from his injury. He looks a lot bigger than what I remember. Experience looks to have taken hold of his game as he looks much more poised on the ice and willing to do the key spade work that the Oil Kings will need from him. Ewanyk was the missing ingrediant for this team to go far. The center depth on the Oil Kings seems to have been shored up.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Game Report: Saskatoon 5 Kootenay 0

1. SAS B. Benson, (10) (M. Stransky, D. Thrower), 6:31 (PP)
2. SAS T. McEvoy, (4) (N. Zajac), 11:10
2. SAS M. Stransky, (34) , 14:29
3. SAS R. Olsen, (11) , 8:36
3. SAS J. Nicholls, (25) , 11:07 (SH)

Goalies Kootenay GA Mins SH SVS PIM
29 Skapski, Mackenzie 0 7:56 2 2 0
31 Lieuwen, Nathan 5 52:04 31 26 0

Goalies Saskatoon GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Makarov, Andrey 0 60:00 38 38 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Matej Stransky RW Saskatoon - Big, strong and skilled. The Dallas Stars seem to have found a hidden 6th round gem in Stransky. Has a Jagr style game. Can play along the boards, and can play in space. Not overly physical, but is very difficult to knock off the puck. A very strong skater. Is pretty creative with the puck.
2) Andrey Makarov G Saskatoon - Looks to have gained his stride after a lull after the World Junior Championships. I personally like athletic goaltenders who are quick going side to side. Makarov isn't that but he is a very sqaure goaltender that doesn't leave a lot of loose pucks lying around. Faced 38 shots tonight and was rock solid. Essentially a perfect game from him. Kootenay kept the attack up but Makarov denied them at every turn.
3) Ryan Olsen C Saskatoon - Olsen was on the radar as a player that could potentially be a high draft pick. Came out of the gate very slow and I even wondered if he had any offensive ability at all. After tonight's goal, he may be back on the radar. He scored a nifty little deke, toedrag, snapshot type goal that has made Jordan Eberle famous. Olsen has some raw ability but consistancy has been a big issue for him this year. Some prospects have that light click on for them and they never look back, maybe that was his moment.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game Report: Kelowna 6 Edmonton 4

1. KEL B. Bulmer, (25) (Z. Franko, T. Baillie), 2:54
1. EDM K. Pelss, (21) , 11:17 (SH)
2. KEL C. Chikie, (14) (M. Bell), 6:48
2. KEL C. Rigby, (18) (S. McColgan, D. Severson), 8:55 (PP)
2. KEL C. Chikie, (15) (T. Baillie, M. Bowey), 10:32 (PP)
2. EDM K. Pelss, (22) (A. Sautner, M. Pysyk), 17:49 (PP)
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (39) (G. Reinhart, K. Pelss), 18:56
3. KEL B. Bulmer, (26) (J. Astles, M. Bell), 13:40
3. KEL C. Rigby, (19) (B. Lyon, M. Bowey), 15:02
3. EDM T. Sieben, (3) (M. Moroz, M. Gernat), 15:42

Goalies Kelowna GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Brown, Adam - - - - -
30 Cooke, Jordon 4 60:00 47 43 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Jarry, Tristan 4 30:32 18 14 0
31 Brossoit, Laurent 2 28:24 13 11 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Brett Bulmer LW Kelowna - Bulmer was a beast tonight. Has skating power forward written all over him. His fearless drives to the net along with a sneaky quick release make him a handful to contain on the rush or down low. Had 2 nice goals tonight along with a spirited tilt with Keegan Lowe. He was a handful for the Oil Kings defense tonight.
2) Kristiams Pelss LW Edmonton - Pelss is Exhibit A on why the Oil Kings coaching staff is doing wonders with this team. Pelss was a timid player when showed up to Canada. Now he's a robust, hard skating, fearless player. A player that just wants to constantly push the pace. Pelss has come a long way in his time with the Oil Kings. Now that he has found his skating legs, his shot has really come to the forefront. He has a very dangerous snipe in and around the net.
3) Jordon Cooke G Kelowna - Impressed with the way he battled tonight, facing a barrage of shots, 47 in total. Thwrated the Oil Kings early, enough for his team to push back every once in awhile to open up a lead. Has a strong low center of gravity that makes him tough to beat along the ice. Not overly athletic, but doesn't get pushed out of the battle in front and he needed that as the Oil Kings were all over the net tonight. Definitely outgoaltended the other side tonight.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Game Report: Victoria 4 Prince George 2

1. P.G C. Belter, (3) (R. Blidstrand), 13:59
2. VIC B. Magee, (20) (B. Walker, J. Crooks), 5:00 (PP)
2. VIC S. Hodges, (18) , 9:05
2. VIC J. Crooks, (31) (L. Nelson, B. Walker), 12:22
2. VIC D. Conroy, (8) (S. Hodges, J. Fransoo), 17:32 (PP)
3. P.G J. Mykitiuk, (5) (J. Tkatch, L. Springer), 12:12

Goalies Prince George GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Owsley, Drew 4 58:28 26 22 0

Goalies Victoria GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Hamilton, Keith 2 60:00 20 18 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Jamie Crooks LW Victoria - Impressive player on the boards and has a good sense around the net, despite his smaller stature. Leads the team in goals, getting his 31st of the year tonight. Not flashy, a pretty meat and potatoes type player. Got into a spirited fight early, bloodied his nose, came back into the game to register a goal and an assist. A gutsy player.
2) Brandon Magee C Victoria - Waterbug type that is chippy in some offense for the Victoria. I had bigger hopes for this player. He seems to have lost some bite in his physical game that was more apparent last year. He has taken on a more offensive role this year but seems to be playing a more heady game instead of doing the grunt work in the corners. Probably best for him considering his tiny stature. Needs something in his game to set him apart from the others.
3) Troy Bourke LW Prince George - Find himself in the same state that Ryan Murray from Everett is in, on a smaller scale. A talented player with a limited supporting cast around him. Isn't playing the game with a lot desire lately even though Prince George is in a playoff race. Bourke is a shifty playmaker that has decent vision. Without prime finishers on his team, its tough showcase those playmaking talents. I still feel he will be drafted by someone this year, but his stock is plummeting.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Game Report: Vancouver 3 Everett 2

1. EVT J. Erricson, (4) (J. Birkholz, R. Petryk), 12:23
1. VAN B. Gallagher, (31) (N. Manning), 13:27
1. VAN N. Manning, (6) (J. Martinook), 16:37 (PP)
2. VAN C. Franson, (22) (T. Makin, J. Houck), 6:08
3. EVT R. Petryk, (11) (J. Erricson), 19:29

Goalies Everett GA Mins SH SVS PIM
32 Simpson, Kent 3 59:13 31 28 2

Goalies Vancouver GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Morrison, Adam 2 60:00 23 21 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Ryan Murray D Everett - This kid is silky smooth from the backend. Plays defense pretty effortlessly. Ability to go from defense to offense is sublime. Any team that picks Ryan Murray in this upcoming draft would be happy to have him. The most likely Dman in this years' draft to play in the NHL next year. Isssues I have with Murray this year is his play has plateaued. He doesn't have a lot to work with in Everett but hasn't helped heighten anyone's play either. He can log a lot of minutes because of his effortless game. Can he parlay enough offense while keeping the puck out of his own net to make him a Top 5 pick in the upcoming draft? I'm not sure I'd want to make the call on that. Teams picking in the 4-5 spot in this years' draft will likely have to. For the record, I'd still take Murray over Dumba, Rielly and Reinhart at this point.
2) Brendan Gallagher RW Vancouver - Gallagher is a sublime offensive player. Montreal used a 5th rounder on him two years ago and now he is likely the heir to the spot that was recently vacated by Mike Cammalleri in the not too distant future. He attacks off the wings with speed and has a lightning quick release. Gallagher just brings it on every shift. For a smaller stature player, he sure doesn't play small. A lot of courage in his game.
3) Neil Manning D Vancouver - Scatterbug type Dman with the Giants. Impressive puck moving ability either through passes or skating. Good decision making on the power play. Needs work on the defensive end. Tries hard, but isn't very big nor strong. Had a solid game tonight but does have his weaknesses without the puck.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Game Report: Brandon 3 Regina 2

1. REG L. Scheidl, (19) (A. Rieder, C. Jobke), 0:35
1. REG B. Davidson, (12) (C. Jobke, C. Stephenson), 14:19 (PP)
2. BDN M. Ferland, (29) , 10:44
3. BDN K. Sundher, (25) (D. Asham), 12:53
3. BDN M. Ferland, (30) (M. Stone), 15:57

Goalies Brandon GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Boes, Corbin 2 60:00 37 35 0

Goalies Regina GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Hewitt, Matt 3 58:44 30 27 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Michael Ferlund LW Brandon - Big, quick power forward type. Chipped in a couple of goals using his speed and quickness to beat defenders at the net. Calgary Flames draft pick that fits the mold. The Flames like their strapping wingers and Ferlund is definitely that type. His board work is OK but seems to be better in space.
2) Ryan Pulock D Brandon - Love this kid's game. Plays a 200ft game equally outstanding defensively and offensively. Excellant hockey sense and vision. Calm demeanour on the ice and isn't overly physical. Shoots cannons from the point, an excellent option on the power play. Positionally sound. Doesn't get caught running around.
3) Brandon Davidson D Regina - Davidson is having a strong year. 40 points in 55 games and +22. Solid value for a 6th rounder that the Edmonton Oilers used on him. Davidson's offensive game has taken a jump this year, manning the point on the power play and using a variety of quich, sneaky shots to get through. Taking on a leadership role this year by being named captain of the Pats. Much like Pulock, above average in both zones.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Game Report: Edmonton 3 Red Deer 2

1. EDM M. Moroz, (12) (M. Gernat, R. Rachinski), 2:58
1. R.D C. Inglis, (14) (A. Petrovic, M. Dumba), 9:20 (PP)
1. EDM M. St. Croix, (33) (T. Maxwell), 19:40
2. EDM M. Moroz, (13) (T. Sieben), 10:14
3. R.D C. Inglis, (15) (T. Elson, A. Petrovic), 4:45

Goalies Red Deer GA Mins SH SVS PIM
33 Dubyk, Deven 3 59:06 33 30 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 2 60:00 25 23 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Mitch Moroz LW Edmonton - Budding power winger, starting to become known for more than just being a pugilist. Scored a couple of nice goals, one on a spin around one-timer that he caught out of the air that beat Dubyk high. Moroz is starting to find his offensive grrove to go along with his robust game. May make him a 4th or 5th rounder by the time the 2012 NHL Draft rolls around.
2) Mathew Dumba D Red Deer - Highly touted defenseman and for good reason. A bundle of energy on the ice that plays very well with the puck. Makes good reads with his passes and knows when to push the play. Struggles away from the puck with positioning at times. Sometimes because of gambles and sometimes because of losing himself on the ice. I feel confident Dumba will be a top 10 pick this coming NHL Draft. His energy is contagious on the ice.
3) Martin Gernat D Edmonton - Gernat is one of six Oil Kings Dmen that will likely play in the NHL one day. Gernat has lately played with Cody Corbett and together they have been a force for the Oil Kings. Creating offensively and shutting things down defensively. Gernat's play continue to be solid as it has been all year, while the offense has slowed down as expected, the reliability factor is still really high with him. Gernat has turned into a real steal of a pick in the 5th round by the Edmonton Oilers.