Sunday, February 10, 2013

Game Report: Portland 5 Kelowna 3

POR T. Leier (21) , 2:21
POR P. Kopeck (9) (A. De Champlain) 14:18

POR N. Petan (37) (B. Leipsic, T. Rattie) 5:36
POR T. Leier (22) (O. Bjorkstrand, C. De Leo) 17:31 (PP)

KEL J. Barnett (10) (M. Bowey, T. Baillie) 6:19 (PP)
KEL C. Fowlie (14) (T. Baillie, M. Bowey) 14:01
KEL C. Sissons (21) (D. McKinlay) 18:42
POR B. Leipsic (38) (T. Rattie) 19:24 (EN)

Mac Carruth 29/32

Jordon Cooke 29/33

1. Brendan Leipsic LW - A goal, an assist and a +3 seems to be the norm for Leipsic this season. The line of Leipsic-Petan-Rattie has been outstanding this season, likely most productive line in the entire WHL. While some would say that line is too small, they do an excellent job of maintaining their own position on the ice while being on the right side of the puck. That is the name of the game, being in the right place at the right time. They are helped by having a bigger defense corps but these three players deserve all the accolades they are getting. All three are equal part playmaker and triggerman which makes them difficult to defend when the opposing defense doesn't know where the shot is coming from. As for Leipsic, he remains as gritty as ever, sticking his nose where it sometimes doesn't belong, but that adds to the aura of his game.
2. Seth Jones D - Held pointless on this night, but everytime I see him play, he ceases to amaze. A total package defenseman in all three zones. Its rare to see a puckrushers and a physical speciman be in the player, but thats what you get with Jones. Combine that with a fantastic surveyor of the ice with excellent puckhadling skills and you get the prototype defenseman that everyone wants to have as a part of their club. Portland is going to be a really tough out when playoff time rolls around.

1. Colten Sissons RW - Very little fear in Sissons game. He has a motor that is constantly moving and looking to make a play on the fly. Sissons is an emerging power forward. Finishes checks with authority, takes the puck to net with reckless abandon and has a quick trigger release of a shot. There is a lot to like about Sissons though he is a little raw at times with his decision making. Sissons play a simple, straight ahead game. The captain of the Rockets is full value for wearing the "C".
2. Madison Bowey D - Bowey makes skating look so effortless. His defensive game continues to improve on a game by game basis as does his offensive game. His speed and puckmoving helped the Rockets launch a late stage comeback that ultimately fell short. His sublime skating is one thing, the fact he can keep up that high energy pace for most of the game is a testiment to his conditioning. The teamm drafting Bowey will have a bit of a conundrum. Is Bowey a beneficiary of playing with other outstanding defensemen or is he a big part of enhancing the defense? Either way Bowey has his strengths and weaknesses like every other defensemen, they key in drafting Bowey is to make sure there are solid defenders put around him. He's a bit of a riverboat gambler, but his gambles payoff more often than not.

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