Friday, February 22, 2013

Game Report: Moose Jaw 4 Regina 3

M.J B. Point (15) (T. Brown, M. Rielly) 13:39 (PP)

M.J S. Fioretti (29) (B. Point, T. Eberle) 3:00
M.J J. Wyton (5) (J. Uhrich, B. Potomak) 8:09
REG B. Christoffer (8) (D. Stevenson) 15:01

REG D. Stevenson (15) (T. Ouellette) 1:59
M.J M. Rielly (12) (T. Eberle, B. Point) 6:31
REG M. Klimchuk (31) (C. Stephenson, L. Scheidl) 12:03

Matt Hewitt 24/28

Moose Jaw
Justin Paulic 18/21

1. Morgan Klimchuk LW - Klimchuk has had a fine NHL Draft eligible season. Continues to pot the goals as he scored his 31st of the season in this one. Klimchuk knows how to score, be it using his quick shot or crashing net and having a puck go off his body like he did in this one. Klimchuk has impressed with his determination. Everyone in the building knows he is most dangerous scorer on the Pats but that doesn't stop him from scoring. Klimchuk has a Patrick Marleau type game about him. There are times he disappears into the play and emerges with the puck and a scoring opportunity. Opportunistic scorer is what he is. I feel he should be a 1st rounder in the upcoming NHL Draft, albeit a back half pick.
2. Matt Hewitt G - Hewitt stole a game from Edmonton on Wednesday night and did everything he could to keep his team in this one but he didn't get the bounces tonight. There were some odd goals that were scored on him tonight, a lot of pucks ping-ponging in his crease. He battled but it wasn't meant to be tonight. The upside to Hewitt's game is his battle level, the downside is his size and ability to cover a lot of the net.

Moose Jaw:
1. Brayden Point LW - Everytime I see Point play, he always seems to be the best Warriors forward on the ice, but he only has a mere 15 goals this season, on a team that struggles to score. He is only in his 16 year old season and there is time for him to grow into his frame and game. He has a knack for being able to make a play with the puck everytime its on his stick. Known more for his playmaking, but has the ability to shoot the puck himself. As he grows and the talent around him evolves, he has the potential to become a point scoring machine.
2. Morgan Rielly D - Easily the best player on the ice and looked like he was a notch or two above every other player on the ice. Controlled the puck and pace with ease tonight and was dangerous everytime he touched the puck. The Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick looks very close to NHL ready, could be as soon as next season. It's good for him to formly establish himself at the WHL level and he is doing that right now. Dominated this game through puck possession tonight. Has been playing the right side lately and as a left handed shot, he has the ability to do that due to his mobility. His vision is already at a very high level. Tallied the winner in this one by banking a shot off of a Pats defender.


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