Thursday, February 14, 2013

Game Report: Medicine Hat 4 Regina 3

REG C. Samoridny (9) (G. Mumby, K. Burroughs) 0:51
M.H E. Pearce (24)  5:01
M.H B. Leier (12) (D. Bredo, H. Shinkaruk) 14:15 (PP)

No Scoring

M.H H. Shinkaruk (31) (C. Sanford) 3:15
REG M. McCoy (6) (A. Brooks) 4:16
REG M. Klimchuk (28) (C. Williams, L. Scheidl) 4:56
M.H J. Doty (11) (D. Bredo) 7:50

Medicine Hat
Cam Lanigan 26/29

Matt Hewitt 31/35

Medicine Hat
1. Hunter Shinkaruk LW - Shinkaruk is instant offense. Has been doing most of his damage as a playmaker this season but is a qualified sniper in his own right. It's very debatable that he will be the first forward drafted in the 2013 NHL Draft in June to come out of the WHL. If he isn't first he will be second. Shinkaruk has sublime puck skills and a nose for the net. He doesn't have breakaway speed, he isn't blessed with great size, but what he does, is have the ability to find and create open ice and make the most of his opportunities. Shinkaruk will be a point producer even at the NHL level if given the opportunity.
2. Tyler Lewington D -  Lewington is a player that has flown under the radar for most of his tenure in the WHL, but has steadily improved game by game to the point where he has become very reliable on the ice. Finished +2 in this game and had a spirited scrap with Mike McCoy. Lewington doesn't have a lot of offensive dimension to his game but is far from unreliable. He keeps his ice clean and wins his fair share of puck battles.

1. Morgan Klimchuk C - Morgan Klimchuk, Curtis Lazar and Hunter Shinkaruk will likely be the top 3 forwards taken from the WHL in the 2013 NHL Draft, in no particular order. Nic Petan may also be in that conversation. Klimchuk is a lot like Shinkaruk, perhaps more of a sniper, less overall flair to his game, but a more business like approach to it. Had a big hit on Curtis Valk in this game, something I hadn't seen from his game until this game. Klimchuk is about as pure a sniper there is in the entire WHL. Quick release with a lot of velocity. Continues to grow into his game and become more of a leader in Regina. Want to give props to Mike McCoy, first time seeing him a game that I can remember and he stood out. Had a fight with Lewington and scored a nice goal on a one-timer that took excellent skill and timing. Had a "head-turning" type game.
2. Kyle Burroughs D - Kyle Burroughs is the token puckrushing/puckmoving defenseman for the Pats. 2013 NHL Draft eligible has yet to crack my top 30 but is on the cusp of doing so. Burroughs is one of those players that does the little things well but hasn't enhanced any part of his game yet to stand up and be noticed. Burroughs is a player that is becoming more reliable each passing game. The Pats are waiting for him to take that next step and have more of an impact in all 3 zones.

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