Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game Report: Kamloops 7 Spokane 4

KAM T. Bozon (30) (C. Smith, K. Kessy) 13:25

SPO M. Holmberg (28) (M. Aviani, B. Kichton) 0:35 (PP)
KAM J. Lipon (26) (B. Ranford, D. Willick) 5:28
KAM K. Kessy (13) (T. Bozon, C. Smith) 10:45
SPO M. Holmberg (29) (M. Aviani, A. Helewka) 13:45
KAM K. Kessy (14) (J. Thomson, C. Smith) 16:18 (PP)

KAM J. Thomson (2) (K. Kessy, D. Willick) 1:30 (PP)
KAM C. Smith (35) (T. Bozon, M. Hrbas) 8:46
SPO M. Holmberg (30) (B. Gal, M. Aviani) 10:19
KAM T. Bozon (31) (C. Smith, K. Kessy) 12:04 (PP)
SPO B. Gal (10) (A. Helewka) 15:54

Eric Williams 23/28
Garret Hughson 8/10

Cole Chevaldave 24/28

1. Mitch Holmberg RW - Tallied 3 of the 4 goals for the Chiefs. Great at attacking of the edges on the rush. Not very big, but deceptively strong. Has a strong power move as he attacks the middle of the ice. Nice set of hands in tight with great finish. Has established as one of the go-to goal scorers on the Chiefs this season. Is productive in the greasy areas of the ice despite his frame. It will be interesting to see if Holmberg will be playing in the pros. His size might hold him back but it doesnt stop him from being productive all over the ice.
2. Brendan Kichton D -  Was a quiet night for him on this night by his standards. Kichton is likely the most prolific offensive defensemen patrolling the WHL blueline. Excellent skate with excellent decision making abilities. Has a knack of knowing when to shoot, when to pass, when to join rush, when to stay back. Plays the position with a lot of composure. Will never be known as a physical defenseman, but more of a control the pace type. He likely should have been playing in the AHL this season, but I'm betting the Chiefs are thankful that he is back for his 20 year old season.

1. Tim Bozon RW - Big nights all around for many of the Blazers' forwards including Colin Smith and Kale Kessy. Bozon had a solid night in his own right. Tallied two goals and two assists on this night. Tim Bozon reminds me so much of what Alex Burrows does with the Canucks. Takes care of the little things, plays chippy, gets involved, is an excellent bridge between the star players and the role players of the Blazers and he can also make an offensive play when his time with the puck comes. Bozon is a very important cog for the Blazers going forward and the Habs found a gem by drafting him in the third round in the previous NHL Draft.
2. Jordan Thomson D - Thomson is a highly touted 2014 NHL Draft Eligible. Thomson is starting to get more offensive looks with the Blazers as the season is heading on. In this particular game he was featued on many of the Blazers powerplays, tallying a goal and an assist while the Blazers were on the man advantage. He is still a work in progress at the defensive end largely due inexperience and him having to still fill out his frame. Has some really nice offensive instincts as this stage of his hockey career. He will be one two leading up to the 2014 NHL Draft.

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