Sunday, February 17, 2013

Game Report: Edmonton 5 Victoria 2

VIC J. Crooks (29) (S. Hodges, B. Magee) 7:09
VIC S. Hodges (25) (B. Magee) 15:21

EDM T. Ewanyk (7) (C. Corbett, S. Legault) 8:49 (PP)
EDM M. St. Croix (29) (T. Cheek, C. Corbett) 13:51
EDM D. Musil (8) (M. St. Croix, T. Foster) 14:28

EDM C. Lazar (30) (M. Gernat, E. Kulda) 5:35
EDM M. St. Croix (30) 6:38

Coleman Vollrath 32/37
Michael Herringer 1/1

Laurent Brossoit 17/19

1. Taylor Crunk LW - The Royals came out hitting in this one and Taylor Crunk was leading the way. Played the agitator role for the Royals. Started the game off with a couple of big hits on the forecheck, then  got into a stick swinging episode with Michael St. Croix that ended in a 2 minute penalty for Crunk when he slashed St. Croix behind the legs during a faceoff. Later had to answer for that by fighting Keegan Lowe in a very spirited scrap. Crunk doesn't have a lot of offense in his game but kept the energy up for the Royals as they were playing their 3rd game in 3 days in 3 different venues. The Royals eventually ran into fatigue and the Oil Kings took over the game.
2. Tyler Stahl D - Hockey pacifists would hate this player but a hockey purist like myself loves the way he plays the game. He plays for keeps out on the ice. Stahl plays with authroity. Punishing hitter on the backend for the Royals who has some offensive dimension. Stahl wears the "C" for the Royals and one can tell he is the pulse of this hockey club. Plays on the edge and sometimes go over that edge. One can call him dirty but he keeps his game pretty honest out there. I wonder if he will get a pro contract, I think he should as a punishing shutdown defender.

1. Michael St. Croix RW - St. Croix had a slow start to the game but picked up speed as the game went along. The offensive catalyst for the Oil Kings executed at a high level in this one. Scoring two of the prettier goals on the evening. St. Croix has been known more for his playmaking ability, but is just as gifted a goal scorer with his quick trigger release from in close. His shot accuracy is precise. St. Croix should have continued success at the next level. He has the confidence and ability to thrive at the pro level. St. Croix tallied twice in this game to bring his goal total to 30 for the season.
2. Cody Corbett D - The Oil Kings defense is ridiculously good, but I feel Corbett gets overlooked at times as a legitmate stand alone defender. Corbett had all of his skills on display. A solid first pass, strong positioning, and a knowing what to do in every situation should make him a sought after commodity. Corbett's game continues to get better and better with every outing. Tallied 2 assists in this game. Lots of talk about Reinhart, Lowe, Musil and Gernat in how they are all pro ready. I feel Corbett should be right in the thick of that conversation. 


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