Saturday, November 17, 2012

Game Report: Vancouver 4 Regina 3 (SO)

VAN T. Cheek (8) (J. Houck, C. Popoff) 16:01

VAN K. Kessy (5) (D. Sward) 4:42
REG L. Scheidl (11) (M. Klimchuk) 11:24
REG K. Burroughs (1) (L. Scheidl) 18:01

VAN K. Kessy (6)  7:16 (SH)
REG M. Klimchuk (12) (L. Scheidl, D. Stevenson) 19:06 (PP)

Lane ScheidlNo Goal
Morgan KlimchukGoal
Dyson StevensonNo Goal
Colten MayorNo Goal
Adam BrooksNo Goal
Adam RossignolNo Goal
Emil SylvegardNo Goal
Trevor CheekGoal
Jackson HouckNo Goal
Carter PopoffNo Goal
Kale KessyNo Goal
Brett KulakNo Goal
Anthony AstNo Goal
 Thomas FosterGoal

Matt Hewitt 27/30

Payton Lee 25/28

1. Morgan Klimchuk LW - Klimchuk's game reminds a lot of that of what Patrick Marleau brings to the San Jose Sharks. Very deft at finding soft spots in the offensive zone and have a quick release on his shot. Klimchuk also isn't very comfortable with the physical part of the game. So, his game comes and goes in spurts. He's one of those players that you might not notice all night but burn you near the end of the game, kind of like he did tonight. There is a niche for Klimchuk at the NHL, but whatever NHL team takes him will have to take the good with the bad. Klimchuk is 2013 draft eligible.
2. Kyle Burroughs D - Burroughs is a player that has been on the cusp of my top 30 2013 draft eligible players this season. Known as a puckmoving, mobile dman, but is undersized and gets in trouble in strength and leverage battles. Needs a better stick in order to be more effective in the defensive zone. Burroughs has a future as a potential offensive, puckmoving Dman, but needs the experience, reps and guidance in order to get there.

1. Kale Kessy LW - Kessy was his usual robust self tonight but also managed to pot a couple of goals tonight. Has a hard, heavy shot that he used twice to his benefit. Kessy is a big body that is pretty firm on his skates. A heavy skater that finishes checks. Has the look of a very raw power forward. It will be interesting to see how his game fairs in the pro ranks. Had himself a solid game tonight.
2. Payton Lee G - Lee played much better tonight after watching him get shelled last week against Portland.  Rare for a 16 year old to be a starting goaltender for his WHL club but that's where Lee finds himself with the Giants. Lee will be a "trial under fire" type position all year. The experience will help him but getting shelled game in, game out may hurt him mentally down the road. Vancouver will have to monitor his starts closely but Lee is a bluechip prospect for the Giants and should be treated as such.

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