Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Game Report: Moose Jaw 2 Vancouver 1

VAN T. Sieben (3) (D. Sward, M. Geertsen) 3:20
M.J K. McFaull (1) (A. Johnson, J. Edmundson) 18:30 (PP)

No Scoring

M.J M. Rielly (5) (S. Fioretti, T. Brown) 15:09

Moose Jaw
Justin Paulic 15/16

Payton Lee 32/34

Moose Jaw
1. Justin Kirsch LW - Likely the best Warriors forward on this night, but overall a poor night for the Warriors' forwards overall. Kirsch is one of the few Warriors forwards who wasn't afraid to shoot although he missed the net on most of his opportunities. Kirsch is a raw offensive player with some decent stick skills. Just needs to look for his own shot more and make the most of his opportunities. The Warriors have a general offensive issue and are looking for anyone to step up and score.
2. Morgan Rielly D - Rielly once again was mostly good on this night. Scored the winner with less than 5 minutes left in the game, so you can add clutch to his long resume. Still had issues with angling players off during rushes. Needs to use his stick more effectively on such plays. Many pundits are suggesting Rielly is lock for Team Canada WJHC. While I agree, he should be on the club, to go as far as saying he should be on the top pair with Ryan Murray out of the lineup might be a bit ambitious. Rielly is definitely a player that you want on the ice when looking for a goal, but not so sure I'd want him out there if protecting a lead.

1. Trevor Cheek LW - Cheek went pointless tonight, but felt he should have had a goal that was eventually waved off. Cheek was the player that went around Rielly, on the rush, and beat the goaltender Paulic, but was deemed that the net was off before the puck crossed the line. Cheek is turning into quite the demon on the rush which is allowing him to put up some modest goal totals this season. One of a few bright spots on the Giants this season.
2. Payton Lee G - Lee played well tonight with some luck involved. Tends to get his mind wandering during the game and he allows that softy that ends up killing his team because of its inability to score at the other end. Lee is a solid prospect but he is going to be a tough prospect to gauge because his team figures to get blitzed more and more often as the season goes on. Those shots tend add up and can play with a young goaltenders mind. If Lee can hold up physically and more importantly, mentally, the Giants may have a solid goaltender on their hands if he can survive the season and end up in the Giants good books.

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