Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Game Report: Team QMJHL 5 Team Russia 2

QMJHL Francis Beauvillier (1) (James Melindy, Christopher Clapperton) 0:59
RUS Andrei Sigarev (1) (Nail Yakupov) 11:40 (SH)

QMJHL Jonathan Huberdeau (1) (Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin) 3:51
QMJHL Jonathan Huberdeau (2) (Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin) 17:32 (PP)

QMJHL Nathan MacKinnon (1) (Xavier Ouellet, Jonathan Drouin) 5:56 (PP)
RUS Vladimir Tkachev (1) (Kirill Dyakov) 6:26
QMJHL Jonathan Drouin (1) (Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Huberdeau) 15:45

Team Russia
Andrei Vasilievski 27/32

Zachary Fucale 9/10
Francois Brassard 14/15

Team Russia
1. Nail Yakupov RW - Yakupov only tallied an assist tonight, but to be fair, there was very little going for the Russian side. This game was dominated by QMJHL. Yakupov had his moments of being dangerous on the rush but it amounted to very little. Yakupov is an undeniable offensive weapon in many facets of the game. Equal amount playmaker and shooter. Looks to make a play everytime he touches the puck.
2. Andrei Mironov D -  Played the game with a lot of anger tonight. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. He brought the physicality and chippiness the Russians as whole played with tonight, but it got them into penalty trouble. Mironov was taking numbers tonight. One thing is for sure, he brought it, for better or for worse, others might say he was undisciplined.

1. Nathan McKinnon C - McKinnon was much better in the 2nd game of this set. Much crisper in his passing decision making. Puck movement was real quick and thorough, between he, Jonathan Huberdean and Jonathan Drouin. McKinnon is much like a right handed version of Yakupov. Game is built on attacking speed, vision, puck distribuion and a sneaky, quick shot. Still think he is much better off as a winger than a center, as it will allow him to attack on offense more without having to worry about his own zone as much. McKinnon  is also very crafty at getting the puck through the neutral zone with chip passes.
2. Zachary Fucale G - Wasn't busy tonight but in what was seen, we can all see what the hype was about. Very athletic in the net with a calm demeanour. The one goal that did beat him tonight was a scrambly goal that went off of a stick and changed direction. Fucale will get likely get an invite to the Team Canada World Junior team, not bad for a 17 year old in a 20 year old tournament. Fucale will likely be the 1st goaltender taken in the 2013 NHL Draft.

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