Friday, November 9, 2012

Game Report: Portland 9 Vancouver 5

VAN A. Ast (2) (B. Orban, W. Vannieuwenhuizen) 3:51
POR A. De Champlain (3) (T. Rutkowski) 5:49
POR T. Peters (4)  15:18
POR B. Leipsic (10) (S. Jones, N. Petan) 19:07 (PP)

VAN T. Cheek (5) (C. Popoff, J. Houck) 6:27
VAN T. Cheek (6) (B. Kulak) 8:53 (PP)
POR T. Wotherspoon (2) (N. Petan, T. Rattie) 14:22
POR T. Leier (4)  14:33

VAN M. Tvrdon (8) (K. Kessy) 1:16
VAN C. Popoff (2) (T. Cheek, T. Morrison) 4:32
POR N. Petan (9) (B. Leipsic, T. Rattie) 7:21
POR P. Bittner (1) (T. Peters, T. Leier) 7:56
POR N. Petan (10) (T. Rattie, D. Pouliot) 16:41 (PP)
POR A. De Champlain (4) (D. Turgeon) 18:40

Brendan Burke 14/19
Mac Carruth 1/1

Payton Lee 21/26
Tyler Fuhr 23/27

1. Nicolas Petan C - Petan was very impressive tonight, contributing 2 goals and 2 assists to the Winterhawks win. Petan plays a fearless game. Has the help of playing the WHL's best scorer over the years in Ty Rattie, but Petan has made the best of that situation. Portland had a hole at center and Petan has filled that brilliantly.As of right now, Petan is the leading scorer for Portland, and its not a stretch to say he will add a whole bunch more points as the season goes on. His size is still a concern but his heart and determination may be more than enough to make up for that. Portland has a penchant for finding this smaller players that play with big heart.
2. Seth Jones D -  Jones is amazing. To have speed, size and hockey smarts all in one package is going to be a treat for some NHL team. His composure with and without the puck makes him prime to become a +/- demon. +4 on this night. I expect him to end up with some gawdy +/- number by seasons' end. Jones chipped in with an assist tonight and plays in all situations for the Winterhawks.

1. Trevor Cheek LW - Had the hot hand. Had 2 goals and an assist tonight. Played a very determined game and scored goals that kept his team in the game. Vancouver did not have a lot going for them tonight, Cheek played hard regardless of the score. They will need more efforts like that tonight in order for this team to be competitive going forward.
2. Blake Orban D - Orban was the Giants defenseman that stood out the most for me tonight. Played a chippy style and was in Ty Rattie's face for most of the night. The Giants got a lot out of their foot soldiers tonight, Orban being one of them, but the goaltending let them down tonight. Orban had an assist and finished the night with a +1. Orban did his best tonight but the Giants, as a team were outmatched as shown by the 53 shots they gave up tonight.

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