Friday, November 30, 2012

Game Report: Red Deer 6 Medicine Hat 5

R.D B. Underwood (2)  14:15
R.D C. Bleackley (6) (C. Millette, R. Dieno) 15:57

M.H C. Valk (17) (H. Shinkaruk, C. Lanigan) 3:34
R.D C. Millette (7) (R. Dieno, K. Doetzel) 10:24
M.H D. Busenius (3) (H. Shinkaruk, C. Valk) 15:45
M.H C. Valk (18) (S. Jensen, E. Pearce) 18:09 (PP)

R.D T. Elson (8) (B. Maxwell, R. Dieno) 0:35
R.D W. Johnson (4) (C. Bleackley, H. Fleury) 1:09
M.H T. Cox (10) (B. Leier) 7:18
R.D B. Maxwell (2) (T. Elson, K. Doetzel) 16:57
M.H E. Pearce (10) (C. Valk, H. Shinkaruk) 19:29

Medicine Hat
Cam Lanigan 19/24
Marek Langhamer 6/7

Red Deer
Patrik Bartosak 36/41

Medicine Hat
1. Curtis Valk C - Valk's hands were all over this game tonight. Two goals, two assists on this night. Even for a smaller stature player, he has no issues playing in the high traffic areas, especially in front of opposing net. Valk and Hunter Shinkaruk really played well off of each other tonight as Shinkaruk played playmaker on the edges while Valk attacked the middle of the ice and won his fair share of puck battles.
2. Dylan Busenius D - Busenius is the lone, real mobile defenseman the Tigers boast this season. Tallied once tonight on a seeing eyed wrist shot. While Busenius has had some success offensively, he has had some issues in his own zone by tallying a -18 not even halfway into the season. Needs to make better use of his stick and better positioning in the defensive zone. Busenius does have some offensive upside to his game.

Red Deer
1. Rhyse Dieno RW - The ex-Tiger had the game of his life tonight. Had 3 assists but they were of the spectacular fashion. He was loaded with no look saucer passes that were connecting and immediately leading to goals. Not sure what the future holds for Dieno on his new club in Red Deer, but with Charles Inglis now departed, they will be looking for someone to pick up the offensive slack and Dieno may be that player for the rest of the season. Feel good story.
2. Hadyn Fleury D - Fleury is one, impressive '96 born player. A rare combination of size and speed. His range makes him tough defensively to deal with while his speed allows him to close gaps. Has a nice outlet pass that will allow him to put up some points. Whether he can become a powerplay option full time remains to be seen. Fleury covers a lot of ice very quickly both through his speed and reach. A player that will be watched closely for the 2014 NHL Draft.

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