Friday, October 5, 2012

Game Report: Kamloops 7 Seattle 2

KAM C. Smith (3) (J. Lipon, B. Ranford) 12:51 (PP)
KAM D. Willick (2) (J. DePape, T. Bozon) 15:04

SEA C. Honey (1) (S. Theodore) 7:42 (PP)

SEA C. Honey (2) (J. Forsberg, J. Smith) 0:39
KAM J. DePape (1) (B. Ranford, D. Willick) 4:28
KAM D. Willick, (3) (B. Ranford, J. Lipon) 7:22
KAM J. Lipon (1) (T. Bozon, B. Ranford) 12:46 (PP)
KAM B. Ranford (2) , 14:48 (SH)
KAM T. Bozon (4) (J. Lipon, M. Hrbas) 16:02

Brandon Glover 28/35

Cole Cheveldave 22/24

1. Connor Honey RW - Honey caught my eye early and often tonight. Most dangerous forward for Seattle. Isn't the swiftest skater but has deceptive speed that allows him to get an angle on defensemen. Scored twice tonight and showed off a nice wrist shot from the high slot as he was fading away. Has the look of a very raw power forward going forward.
2. Shea Theodore D - One word to describe Theodore's game smooth. Very fluent with the puck and very dangerous on the rush from the backend. Reminds me a lot of Derrick Pouliot from Portland. Outstanding with the puck, a work in progress without it. I'm not a fan of these types of defenders as shown by my rankings but there is room for growth in Theodore's game. He will be an intriguing prospect going forward and one I will be tracking closely.

1. Dylan Willick RW - Kamloops is blessed with a lot of offensive talent. Colin Smith, Brendan Ranford and Tim Bozon to name a few. Willick is the lunchpail type to counterbalance that and therefore is a good fit with this club. Had a couple of goals and an assist tonight but his contribution is made mostly on the boards and on the forecheck. Kamloops is a club that can beat you many ways.
2. Cole Cheveldave G - Cheveldave didn't have a lot of work only facing 24 shots, but he was his usual solid self. Cheveldave is a positional goaltender that keep rebounds to a minimum. Solid and reliable are his styles, he will stop the first one for you. Cheveldave has gotten off to a strong start this season, so much so that an invite to the Team Canada World Junior Tryout could be in his future.

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