Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Game Report Edmonton 4 Medicine Hat 2

1. EDM B. Pollock (1) (C. Benson, B. Baddock) 8:48

1. EDM H. Samuelsson (3)  12:38 (SH)
1. EDM D. Wruck (2) (M. Geertsen, M. St. Croix), 14:57

2. EDM G. Reinhart (1) (C. Corbett, C. Benson), 7:59 (PP)
2. M.H M. Koules (4) (H. Shinkaruk, D. Busenius) 9:36 (PP)
2. M.H E. Pearce (1) (T. Cox, C. Valk) 11:56


Laurnet Brossoit 34/36

Medicine Hat
Marek Langhamer 17/21

1. Henrik Samuelsson RW - Samuelsson had a strong game tonight, being his usual bullish self and going to the hard areas all night. Samuelsson scored a wonderful shorthanded goal by stripping the trailing defensemen and walking in all alone, going forehand, backhand, roof for the 2nd goal of the game. Samuelsson continues to be a big part of the Oil Kings as he is the muscle that combines that with flashes of skill.
2. Laurent Brossoit G - Best game I have seen Brossoit this season. Oil Kings were short 2 men 4 time tonight and got away unscathed all 4 times. Brossoit was reading the play with precision all night. Making great side to side reads and reacting quickly. Brossoit really bailed the Oil Kings out of this one as the defense had a rough 2nd period where Brossoit was called upon often to make big save after big save. Oil Kings played a better 3rd period and the play settled down for them.

Medicine Hat
1. Miles Koules RW - Koules is the player that is left to pick up a lot of the pieces left by the departed Emerson Etem and his 61 goals tallied last season. While its impossible for anyone player to pick up those pieces, Koules will be expected to pick up a large part of that. Koules tallied again tonight, giving him 4 on the year. Koules plays a game very similar to Tigers star player, Hunter Shinkaruk, but you can tell he has a little less experience at the WHL level. Koules is an excellent distributor with the puck that will get better with time as he gains more experience. Koules will help Shinkaruk out with the goal totals, but who will help them out with the muscle remains to be seen.
2. Dylan Busenius D - Not to be disrespectful but Dylan Busenius was the best of a bad lot tonight and defense looks to be a sore spot for the Tigers going forward. Busenius did well reading the play and distributing the puck on the power play. Loves to shoot the puck but had a hard time getting his shots through tonight. Tigers' defense has no real identity. Lacks mobility and toughness. It will be interesting to see if the Tigers address this issue during the season as the forwards seem to be set for the most part.


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