Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Report: Calgary 5 Edmonton 4 (SO)

CAL B. Macek (4) (Z. Jones, B. Brassart) 3:02
CAL C. Samoridny (2) (K. Helgesen, D. Henry) 8:41
EDM C. Lazar (5) (M. St. Croix, D. Wruck) 15:04 (PP)

EDM T. Foster (8) (H. Samuelsson, M. St. Croix) 7:46 (PP)
CAL B. Macek (5) (B. Brassart) 8:03
EDM H. Samuelsson (4) (C. Lazar, C. Corbett), 11:18
EDM H. Samuelsson (5) (D. Wruck, M. St. Croix), 12:39 (PP)
CAL P. Kosterman (1) ( P. Padakin, S.Humphries) 14:40

No Scoring

No Scoring

Calgary Goals Sylvester, Chase
Edmonton Goals Samuelsson

Chris Driedger 32/36

Laurent Brossoit 21/25

1. Brooks Macek RW - Had one of those games where everything he threw at the net went into the net. Scored twice for the Hitmen and is one of a handful of Hitmen that play a greasy style that helps his team wins games. The style has been very effective for them early this season. Macek has decent hands around the net but his calling card is his agitation and his ability to get under the skin of opposing players.
2. Peter Kosterman D - Scored on a seeing eye shot from the point that tied the game at 4. Was a team high +4 on the night. Kosterman plays a low maintenence game. Reliable and sfae player that doesn't bring a lot of offense, but keeps his own end of the ice fairly clean. The Hitmen defense in general is like that. Defensively stout but not a lot of mobility or offensive acumen.

1. Henrik Samuelsson RW - Samuelsson was fantastic again tonight. Scored twice and tallied again in the shootout. Samuelsson continues to be the johnny on the spot goal scorer the Oil Kings need him to be. Samuelsson is an excellent complementary piece to what the Oil Kings have going on. Does a lot of the board work and battling in front of the net. Does a lot of the mule work. But has a degree of skill that allows him to put up the numbers. His nickname should be "Mini Mule".
2. Mason Geertsen D - Geertsen is slowly becoming a physical presence on the Oil Kings back end. Still a bit raw on his decision making but word is getting out about his toughness and how he is a nasty piece of business to play against. Geertsen will need to mature physically in order to play the style he does, still a little gangly. But all in all, he has a career as being a tough, hard nosed Dman if thats the route he wishes to embrace.

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