Friday, January 25, 2013

Game Report: Victoria 6 Vancouver 4

VIC B. Magee (20) (S. Hodges, A. Gogolev) 3:52
VAN C. Popoff (6)  6:36
VAN C. Franson (19) (R. Zalitach) 11:02

VIC B. Fushimi (4) (S. Hodges) 3:43
VAN J. Houck (14)  4:52 (PS)
VIC B. Magee (21) (A. Gogolev, B. Cote) 8:05 (PP)
VIC B. Magee (22) (B. Cote, A. Gogolev) 13:38 (PP)

VIC B. Magee (23) (A. Gogolev, A. Carroll) 0:32
VIC B. Fushimi (5) (J. Crooks, J. Hicketts) 2:21 (PP)
VAN J. Houck (15) (B. Kulak, C. Franson) 17:35 (PP)

Payton Lee 15/20
Jared Rathjen 8/9

Patrik Polivka 20/24

1. Jackson Houck RW - Houck plays the game hard and this game was no different for the most part. Scored on a penalty shot and scored a late one on a sharp angle shot. Was a pest on the forecheck while the game was still being contested. If Houck can continue to score consistantly he may be looked upon being more than just a checking/energy player, but a player that can get offensive looks and become an offensive threat. Houck plays the game the right way and continues to impress. Look for him to be drafted in the upcoming 2013 Draft.
2. Mason Geertsen D - Geertsen has been given more responsibility since moving from Edmonton to Vancouver. Is still a work in progress but the foundation is there. When they traded David Musil for Mason Geertsen, what Vancouver was essentially getting was a younger verion of Musil in Geertsen. Geertsen is already wearing a letter with the Giants which speaks to his style of being a gamer. Geertsen isn't as much of a slam dunk to get drafted as much as Houck is, but Geertsen is likely to hear his name during the 2013 NHL Draft.

1. Brandon Magee RW - Magee had one of those games that many players dream of. Having the puck land on your stick with a gaping net to look at. It happened 4 times for Magee tonight. He and Alex Gogolev were in sync on this night as Gogolev assisted on each of his goals. Gogolev was driving wide, attracting defenders which allowed Magee to pick up loose change around the net. Magee has uncanny knack of disappearing into traffic but emerging with the puck. Happened often on this night. Magee doesn't play as physical as he has in years past, but is looked to more for offense.
2. Joe Hicketts D - Continue to be impressed with Hicketts potential. Plays with a lot of composure and is very comfortable using his stick in defensive situations. He's a player of short stature, but doesn't get rattled when its time to make a play. Made a countless amount of seem passes that revved up the Royals offense. Hicketts is equally effective with the long pass or the short pass. His passing and mobility make him a handful on a Royals breakout. Plays with a lot of poise considering he is only 16 years old. Hicketts is 2014 NHL Draft eligible.


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