Friday, January 18, 2013

Game Report: Calgary 5 Prince George 3

CAL J. Zgraggen (3) (C. Lang, J. Virtanen) 2:55
P.G D. Ehrhardt (2) (C. Witala, T. Bourke) 7:04
P.G M. McNulty (7)  12:11 (PP)
CAL A. Roach (11) 13:49

CAL G. Chase (13) (J. Virtanen) 6:45 (SH)
CAL V. Rask (4) (Z. Jones, C. Sylvester) 17:36

CAL Z. Jones (17) (V. Rask, C. Mayor) 12:03
P.G Z. Pochiro (6) 19:22

Prince George
Brett Zarowney 29/34

Chris Driedger 19/22

Prince George
1. Troy Bourke LW - Bourke was the best of forward bunch for Prince George on this night. Bourke was doing his best to get the puck towards the opposing net as often as he could. Prince George suffers from a lack fo scoring depth at forward these days from the departure of Alex Forsberg and Daulton Siwak. Bourke is a shifty playmaker who along with Colin Jacobs are the two go to offensive players left on the Cougars.
2. Marc McNulty D - The Cougars suffer from a serious lack of underexposure in these parts. McNulty likely should have been on previous top 30 lists of mine, but this is the first time I have seen him play. He has a decent all around game. Chips in offensive with a nice low shot, uses his reach effectively defensively, but he is one lanky son of a gun. Sits at 6'6" 190 lbs, could stand to bulk up a bit but has some nice skills and uses them effectively in both the offensive and defensive zones. Decent enough skater but has that hitch in his step. You can tell he must have had a massive, quick growth spurt.

1. Zane Jones LW - That curious deal that sent Alex Goglev to Victoria and landed Zane Jones in Calgary has really worked out well for both clubs. Jones has emerged as a big bodied secondary scoring forward that makes life tough on opposing defensemen. Jones has really fit like a glove on this squad. He plays up and down his wing, produces and doesn't need a lot of minutes in order to be productive. The depth of the Hitmen forwards has been eqally impressive ast heir top line has this season.
2. Alex Roach D - Second game in a row where I've seen the Hitmen play and Roach be one of the more impressive players. Scored a beauty goal by going end to end, then ripping a shot that sent the water bottle flying off the net. Unfortunately for Roach, he only made it through 23 minutes of the game before taking a shot to the throat area and had to leave the game. Alex Roach is one player that has really caught my eye over the last couple of weeks and seems to have the momentum of a runaway locamotive. Hopefully his injury doesn't keep him out too long.

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