Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Game Report: Calgary 6 Moose Jaw 4

CAL J. Zgraggen (2) (K. Helgesen, B. Hurley) 11:42
CAL B. Brassart (15) (C. Sylvester) 14:42
M.J T. Bell (2) (C. Hansen) 17:08

CAL B. Macek (22) (A. Roach) 0:06
M.J J. Messier (7) (J. Kirsch, T. Brown) 4:46 (PP)
M.J J. Kirsch (14) (B. Point) 5:22 (PP)
CAL A. Roach (10) (B. Macek) 11:11

CAL B. Brassart (16) (C. Sylvester, J. Zgraggen) 12:48
M.J B. Doucette (2) (T. Eberle, T. Bell) 18:24
CAL C. Sylvester (23) (B. Macek) 18:33

Mack Shields 13/16
Chris Driedger 15/16

Moose Jaw
Daniel Wapple 27/33

1. Brady Brassart C - The line of Sylvester-Brassart-Macek feasted on the Warriors tonght. They were on the ice for 5 of the 6 goals. Brassart tallied twice with strong, quick wrist shots that beat Wapple clean. Brassart is a good blend of offense, defense and agitation. He's always in the battle but can also make plays with the puck. Had an impressive +5 stat line on this night. A player that can play in any type of game.
2. Alex Roach D - Roach had a goal and an assist tonight. Made conscious effort to make offensive plays. Often pinching in from the points and attacking off the edges. Roach has taken the reigns of the offense from the backend, leading his team in defenseman points. Doesn't seem like the most explosive skater but always finds a way to get where he needs to be. Has a gawdy +/- this season with a +30.

Moose Jaw
1. Justin Kirsch LW - The stick of Justin Kirsch was the reason why the Warriors hung around this game. Scored once and notched an assist. His goal was a smooth one-timer off a faceoff that caught the goaltender off guard. Kirsch's shot is the thing that stood out most tonight in this game. Didn't really notice him until he had the puck on his stick and started unloading. Kirsch was biggest contributor to the Warriors offense on this night.
2. Travis Brown D - Brown played the role of puckmoving Dman with Morgan Rielly still absent from the Warriors backend. Brown did an admirable job of puck distributing and skating with the puck. Tallied one assist on this night as he setup Kirsch for one of his one-timer goals. Played a lot tonight and in all situations. If Rielly sticks with the Leafs, Brown will likely get the bulk of the work for the Warriors.

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