Sunday, January 27, 2013

Game Report: Red Deer 3 Lethbridge 2 (SO)

No Scoring

No Scoring

LET M. Erkamps (5) (J. Watson, R. Duke) 11:22 (PP)
R.D B. Gaudet (4) (B. Maxwell, R. Dieno) 14:43 (PP)
LET S. Mckechnie (22) (G. Hood, B. Ramsay) 16:28
R.D R. Dieno (15) (T. Elson, J. Hamilton) 18:28

No Scoring

Axel Blomqvist Miss
Brady Ramsay Miss
Reid Duke Miss

Red Deer
Rhyse Dieno Goal
Dominik Volek Miss

Ty Rimmer 43/45

Red Deer
Patrik Bartosak 29/31

1. Jamal Watson RW - Watson continues to be a player that flies under the radar of a lot of scouting services but remains high on my personal list. Watson has a ton of physical tools and a projectable frame to become a scoring power forward. While the numbers haven't backed him up this year, you can see the projection in his game. The key for him to stay with the program and keep the intensity up. If he wants it bad enough, he has the tools to become a top flight power forward. He has the speed and the power is slowly starting to show in his game.
2. Ty Rimmer G - Ty Rimmer has been nothing short of amazing for the Hurricanes this season. The Hurricanes boast a highly skilled but young club this season, and with a team that takes as many chances as they do, sometimes that backfires. Rimmer has been there many times when things have gone awry. He faces a lot of rubber night in, night out, but he keeps his team in games, like tonight, where they were able to squeak out with a point, although two points was within their grasp. Rimmer is a top flight goaltender in the WHL and one has to wonder if pro scouts have taken notice of his game this year.

Red Deer
1. Rhyse Dieno RW - Dieno was quiet for the majority but when it was time to make a play, he made one. Tied the game late and then scored the lone shootout goal. Dieno is what one calls an "opportunistic" scorer. When he gets a chance he rarely makes a mistake. Dieno has burst onto the scene this year. Scouts like myself continue look at Dieno with intrigue as we wonder whats coming next with him, but as long as he continues to make head turning plays, he'll continue to turn heads.
2. Patrik Bartosak G - Bartosak matched Rimmer save for save, especially early in the game when Lethbridge came out guns ablazing. He kept the game scoreless long enough to allow his team to gain some traction as the Rebels couldn't match intensity early on. Bartosak is a lot like other European goaltenders, plays big in the net, doesn't waste a lot of movement, but athletic enough to make the lateral save. Bartosak and Rimmer were fantastic in this game when it looked like the entire game was going to be scoreless.

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