Saturday, December 10, 2011

Game Report: Regina 3 Moose Jaw 2 (OT)

1. M.J E. Arnold, (6) (K. McFaull, C. Hansen), 10:22
2. M.J T. White, (5) (S. Fioretti, D. McIlrath), 14:50
3. REG C. Stephenson, (14) (J. Weal, A. Rieder), 3:18
3. REG R. Blidstrand, (2) (B. Davidson, M. Klimchuk), 17:01
OT. REG L. Scheidl, (10) (J. Weal), 2:57

Goalies Regina GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Hewitt, Matt 2 62:57 24 22 0

Goalies Moose Jaw GA Mins SH SVS PIM
35 Siemens, Luke 3 62:57 31 28 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Brandon Davidson D Regina - Davidson was a rock in this game for the Pats. Just keeping the puck out of trouble and keeping things simple. In a game where Moose Jaw has a team that likes to crowd the net, he was a player that was continually keeping Moose Jaw at bay. I'm not sure how his game will translate at the pro level, but I think at the very least the Oilers have themselves a low maintenence, defensive defenseman.
2) Dylan McIlrath D Mosse Jaw - McIlrath will be a player that will be continually scrutinized for the fact he was a top 10 pick. While I feel it might have been a bit high, the Rangers obviously felt the need to grab him and pass on all the others that were available. McIlrath's skillset is very unique. While he's not a fast skater, he is very solid at gap control, rarely gets beaten one on one. Not to mention he isn't intimidated by anyone but instills fear into others. He'll be a nuclear bomb on the blueline for many years to come.
3) Dyson Stevenson LW Regina - I commend Stevenson's courage on a night like tonight. He initailly fought Tanner Eberle, who is in his weight class, to a spirited fight, to let the other team know his team wasn't going to be pushed around tonight. Then he tangled with a much larger Cody Beach, and managed to stay respectable in the fight. it was after those two fights that Regina was able to get away from Moose Jaw's shenanigans and start playing hockey. It was something small at the beginning of the game that helped Regina get a desired outcome.

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