Thursday, December 1, 2011

Game Report: Lethbridge 4 Medicine Hat 3

1. M.H J. Bettauer, (11) (H. Shinkaruk, J. Hart), 13:51 (PP)
2. M.H J. Hart, (4) (M. Konan, J. Bettauer), 5:47 (PP)
2. LET B. Ramsay, (11) (N. Buonassisi, L. Oslanski), 15:27 (PP)
2. LET J. Watson, (2) (J. Yakubowski, L. Oslanski), 17:11
2. LET S. Mckechnie, (3) (R. Maxwell, C. Braes), 18:52
3. LET C. Braes, (12) (B. Sutter), 0:36 (PP)
3. M.H J. Bettauer, (12) (H. Shinkaruk, E. Etem), 5:33 (PP)

Goalies Lethbridge GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Ketlo, Damien 3 60:00 38 35 0

Goalies Medicine Hat GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Bunz, Tyler 4 58:53 27 23 0

3 Players of Note:
1) James Bettauer D Medicine Hat. I was really impressed with Bettauer's ability to run a power play from the point. Making good read, outlet passes and finding seams to get his shots through. He's a 20 year old that has found his obtained WHL highs in goals and he is 2 points short of points as well. He is kind of a power play specialist at this point since he can't seem to keep his plus/minus down, but an intriguing player that can provide some offense from the backend.
2) Jamal Watson RW Lethbridge. A 16 year old that is finding his groove in his first WHL season. He has speed and hands, two things that are hard to find in players. Once he gets a little older and bigger, he could start terrorizing defenses around the WHL. He has a real nice cut to the net, much like Emerson Etem does these days, just not quite as polished as Etem's is.
3) Cam Braes C Lethbridge. Another workmanlike effort from Braes. Scored another goal mouth scramble type goal that he has scored a lot of over his time in the Dub. He seems to be the focal point of this new found gritty efforts lately that have propelled the Hurricanes to some wins lately. 3 in a week now increases their total to 8 for the year. I'm sure as the trade deadline approaches, someone will be looking at the 20 year Braes for some depth scoring.

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