Saturday, December 3, 2011

Game Report: Kamloops 5 Prince George 4

1. KAM T. Bozon, (11) (C. Smith, A. Madaisky), 12:54
1. P.G A. Forsberg, (5) (T. Bourke), 14:56
1. KAM C. Souto, (5) (B. Maschmeyer, R. Hanes), 16:30
2. P.G J. Mykitiuk, (3) (C. Carlson, C. Elynuik), 2:06
2. KAM M. Needham, (6) (B. Maschmeyer, B. Ranford), 17:44 (PP)
3. P.G S. Asuchak, (8) (T. Bourke, A. Forsberg), 0:32
3. KAM T. Bell, (1) (T. Hansen), 2:19
3. KAM B. Ranford, (14) (M. Needham), 13:11 (PP)
3. P.G T. Bourke, (8) (A. Forsberg, C. Carlson), 15:20 (PP)

Goalies Prince George GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Owsley, Drew 5 58:59 32 27 0

Goalies Kamloops GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Lanigan, Cam 4 60:00 29 25 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Matt Needham C Kamloops - Needham was a lot more dangerous in this game than in the games I saw earlier in the year. It's a luxary that Kamloops has this kind of depth all pulling in the same direction. It's why their team is so good this year. Needham is a 16 year old that plays a fireplug type game and plays the game with very little fear. Still needs to learn the finer points of the defensive game but he's a player that keep the energy high and has good hands around the net.
2) Troy Bourke LW Prince George - Bourke has had a very slow start to the year, but in this specific game looked like the Troy Bourke of last year. Attacking the net, using his vision to make plays and making good decisions with the puck. Bourke, Asuchak and Alex Forsberg have the makeup of a dynamic line even if 2/3rds of it aren't even draft eligible yet.
3) Tyler Bell D Kamloops - A 2012 draft eligible player that is starting to play more frequently and starting to make the most of it. At the moment, he is under the radar, but a player that has a lot of tools for a dman. Plays tough, has a crisp shot, and has pretty good mobility. He'll be an interesting player to watch throughout the year to see if he can make more of an impact on Kamloops blueline.

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