Sunday, December 4, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 8 Saskatoon 3

1. EDM T. Maxwell, (16) (M. St. Croix, G. Reinhart), 12:01 (PP)
1. SAS L. Sutter, (9) (J. Paradis, C. Cox), 19:36 (PP)
2. EDM C. Lazar, (9) (A. Sautner, T. Foster), 2:16
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (15) (D. Wruck, T. Maxwell), 8:54 (PP)
2. SAS M. Stransky, (14) (C. Collins, D. Dietz), 11:50 (PP)
2. EDM M. St. Croix, (16) (K. Lowe, D. Wruck), 12:16
2. EDM R. Rachinski, (8) (M. St. Croix, T. Maxwell), 16:07 (PP)
2. EDM M. Pysyk, (2) (T. Foster, K. Pelss), 17:31 (PP)
2. EDM M. Moroz, (4) (K. Wilson, K. Lowe), 19:43 (PP)
3. EDM T. Foster, (11) , 4:58 (SH)
3. SAS M. Burns, (12) (L. Sutter, J. Paradis), 6:38

Goalies Saskatoon GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Makarov, Andrey 7 40:00 29 22 0
30 Todd, Adam 1 20:00 7 6 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 3 60:00 28 25 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Michael St. Croix RW Edmonton - With the arrival of Tyler Maxwell a week and a half ago, the line of Wruck-Maxwell-St.Croix has been on fire. It's a line while small, has great dimension to it. St. Croix being the playmaker, Maxwell being the triggerman and Wruck buzzing around the net for loose pucks. St. Croix was sublime tonight, making great reads with puck, be it shooting or passing, and just making plays all over the ice.
2) Mark Pysyk D Edmonton - Pysyk was smooth tonight. Making great reads, outlet passes and jumping in the rush. A very versatile and dependable defender, if Team Canada WJHC team decides to come calling. Can play on the PP and PK eqaully effectively.
3) Lukas Sutter C Saskatoon - A player that I'm kind of kicking myself that I left off the last top 20 list I did. His tenacity is undeniable, but now he is starting chip in offensively a lot more frequently. Very much a Sutter in the sense that he has lots of hustle and never quits on a play. Gets his nose dirty around the net. Made a couple of daft plays around the net tonight that resulted in a couple of goals for Saskatoon.

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