Friday, January 13, 2012

Game Report: Tri-City 11 Vancouver 4

2. T.C J. Feser, (19) (P. Holland), 0:29
2. T.C J. Feser, (20) , 3:35
2. T.C A. Hughesman, (27) (M. Wilgosh, D. Ryckman), 5:15
2. T.C B. Williams, (5) , 6:23
2. T.C J. Messier, (15) , 10:33 (PP)
2. T.C J. Messier, (16) (B. Shinnimin), 18:18
3. T.C J. Feser, (21) (P. Holland, E. Comrie), 0:28 (SH)
3. T.C A. Hughesman, (28) (B. Williams, Z. Yuen), 1:51
3. VAN R. Kieser, (1) (A. Kuvaev, C. Franson), 3:55
3. VAN M. Tvrdon, (16) (J. Martinook), 8:54
3. VAN C. Franson, (16) , 9:48 (PP)
3. T.C N. MacMaster, (5) (M. Topping, M. Messier), 11:52 (PP
3. T.C B. Shinnimin, (25) (Z. Yuen, A. Hughesman), 14:58
3. T.C J. Mychan, (5) (B. Shinnimin), 16:26
3. VAN A. Ast, (3) (C. Franson), 16:38

Goalies Tri-City GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Comrie, Eric 4 60:00 26 22 0

Goalies Vancouver GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Morrison, Adam 5 30:33 18 13 0
35 Whistle, Jackson 6 29:27 17 11 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Justin Feser LW Tri-City - Pint-sized forward that pakcs a punch in that small frame. Shoots cannons, has a heckuva one-timer, darts around in very quick fashion. Just one of many players on the Tri-City team that applies pressure through speed. Feser was the player that stood out more on this night as the Americans were all over the Giants tonight. Impressed with Feser as a player I have heard very little about until tonight.
2) Brendan Shinnimin C Tri-City - Shinniman only a goal and one assist but was electric tonight. His one assist was a doozy as he stickhandled around and through and behind the entire Giants defense to setup Jordan Messier. Reminds me a lot of Brendan Gallagher in his ability to create space with his speed and stickhandling.
3) Adam Hughesman LW Tri-City - Hughesman does a lot of the grunt work on this team that has a lot high flyers. That being said he has the ability to make plays when the puck is on his stick. Scored a goal in close and score one from the outside tonight. All these players complement each other so well. Just playing attack style, straight forward hockey. Fantastic hockey IQ right across the board. I'd expect all three of these players to be hounded by pro scouts in the offseason.

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