Friday, January 6, 2012

Game Report: Lethbridge 3 Medcine Hat 1

2. LET P. Tot, (5) (G. Hood, B. Sutter), 2:35 (PP)
3. M.H E. Etem, (31) (M. Konan, J. Bettauer), 1:18 (PP)
3. LET D. Johnston, (2) (J. Merkley, N. Buonassisi), 6:30 (PP)
3. LET C. Braes, (23) (G. Hood, L. Oslanski), 18:33

Goalies Medicine Hat GA Mins SH SVS PIM
30 Bunz, Tyler 3 60:00 37 34 0

Goalies Lethbridge GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Ketlo, Damien 1 60:00 32 31 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Damien Ketlo G Lethbridge - Had a real strong game between the pipes. Medicine Hat brought it early and he stood tall to keep the game close. Ketlo had a strong 1st period to the game against Edmonton, but fell apart in the 2nd period. Here, he sustained his play for 60 minutes. Ketlo isn't the most athletic goaltender but makes up for the battle level. He's a bigger goaltender that doesn't give up on the puck and stays real square to his shooters.
2) Tyler Bunz G Medicine Hat - Also, played well. He is an athetic goaltender who moves better side to side than Ketlo does. Bunz playes goal with a lot of poise. Doesn't over pursue the puck and plays his angles well. Also, plays the puck real well. It's usually broken plays that end up beating Bunz. For my money, he is the best goaltender in the WHL right now.
3) James Bettauer D Medicine Hat - If I was to sculpt a Dman, he would look a lot like James Bettauer. Thick bodied Dman, that make good reads and shoots cannons from the point. Bettauer plays defense with a lot of poise and maturity. Has come out of nowhere to blow away career high in goals (15) and points (34) half way through the season. Some pro team will be looking to add this 20 year old their organization.

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