Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Game Report: Tri-City 5 Edmonton 4 (OT)

1. EDM T. Foster, (19) (K. Lowe, H. Samuelsson), 13:25
2. T.C P. Holland, (20) (T. Rimmer), 1:15
2. T.C J. Feser, (24) (J. Messier, A. Hughesman), 1:54 (PP)
2. EDM G. Reinhart, (10) (S. Legault, T. Maxwell), 12:59
2. EDM G. Reinhart, (11) (D. Wruck), 14:28
3. T.C B. Shinnimin, (28) (A. Hughesman, Z. Yuen), 2:36
3. T.C M. Strömwall, (10) (B. Williams, Z. Yuen), 4:56
3. EDM M. Gernat, (8) (D. Wruck, H. Samuelsson), 7:35
OT. T.C B. Shinnimin, (29) (P. Holland), 4:27

Goalies Tri-City GA Mins SH SVS PIM
35 Rimmer, Ty 4 64:27 46 42 0

Goalies Edmonton GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 5 64:27 44 39 0

3 Players of Note:
1) Brendan Shinniman C Tri-City - Shinniman brought it tonight. Was a total thorn in the side of the Oil Kings either by skating into them or skating away from them. He's a somewhat diminutive player but played hard tonight. Very impressed with his grittiness and him wanting the puck when the game was on the line. Might be the new "little ball of hate". Scored twice including the OT winner where he skated away from the pressure and created open ice for himself. Fantastic game for him. Pro scouts should be drooling over this kid, he has yet to be drafted.
2) Griffin Reinhart D Edmonton - Likely his best game of the year. made a couple of well timed pinches tonight that resulted in a couple of goals, one right beside the net and the other in the faceoff circle. He was engaged in the game tonight, making good reads, stepping up into the play and defending well. The Oil Kings as a whole might have the best first pass defense in all of hockey. The way they can outlet the puck out of their end in poetry in motion, very few mistakes. Reinhart is a big part of that.
3) Zachary Yuen D Tri-City - Yuen chipped in with a couple of assists tonight. Fleet footed skater from backend is very smooth. Can get the puck out of danger either by passing or skating up the ice. His hockey IQ is off the charts. Defends well and keeps the puck moving forward. Doesn't have a strong shot but its effective. Yuen is a player that always seems to play on the plus side of the ledger. A player that I would have loved to see the Oilers draft but it wasn't meant to be. The Jets ended up using a 4th rounder on him.

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