Friday, December 14, 2012

Game Report: Saskatoon 4 Swift Current 3

S.C R. Scarlett (4) (D. Bosc) 2:51
SAS M. Stransky (19) (B. Walker, D. Thrower) 8:53
SAS J. Nicholls (25) (S. McColgan) 18:52

S.C A. Lowry (18) (R. Moser, C. Gordon) 14:43

SAS J. Nicholls (26) (D. Siemens, S. McColgan) 2:45
S.C C. Gordon (9) (A. Lowry) 4:46
SAS S. McColgan (9) (N. Burns, J. Nicholls) 11:21

Swift Current
Steven Myland 23/27

Alex Moodie 30/33

Swift Current
1. Adam Lowry LW - Lowry had a solid game, both as a finisher and playmaker. Scored in the 2nd period to tie the game with a nifty backside tuck. Setup Coda Gordon with a nice stretch pass that sprung him on a breakaway. All in all, Lowry was his usual power forward self, makes really solid decision with the puck.
2. Reese Scarlett D - Scarlett played a solid game at both ends of the ice. Opened the scoring early in the first period and made numerous defensive plays. Scarlett is a bit undersized to as a pure defensive defender so any contribution he can make on offense would be much needed as the Broncos do not have a lot of offensive firepower from the defense. Still has trouble reading plays but makes up for it with a lot of hustle.

1. Josh Nicholls RW - Nicholls was the best player on the ice tonight. Sniped one goal, tipped in another, had another fantastic assist on the winner. he was a force offensively. Tallied his league leading 26th goal. A pro team looking for a straight up scorer might be wise to give Nicholls a look. Tall, lanky player that plays a greasy game and can make offensive plays with the puck.
2. Duncan Siemens D - Siemens played a solid all purpose game for the Blades tonight for the most part. Gets caught wondering out of position from time to time as shown by the goal scored by Lowry when he got caught behind the net instead of being in front of it. Siemens looks to be trying to get involved in the offense more as he isn't hesitant to shoot the puck from the point, one of them which ended in a tip in goal for Nicholls. The biggest issue with Siemens seems to be focus.

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