Saturday, December 15, 2012

Game Report: Edmonton 5 Victoria 2

VIC T. Stahl (4) , 5:45

EDM C. Corbett (2) (H. Samuelsson) 2:02
VIC S. Hodges (8) (J. Crooks) 2:56
EDM M. St. Croix (15) (D. Wruck, T. Foster) 5:24 (PP)
EDM T. Foster (14) (S. Legault) 7:50
EDM K. Lowe (6) (E. Kulda, D. Mayo) 15:36
EDM B. Baddock (4) (K. Wilson, L. Bertolucci) 16:00

No Scoring

Patrik Polivka 18/23
Coleman Vollrath 6/6

Tristan Jarry 24/26

1. Steven Hodges C - Hodges was the most productive forward on the Royals tonight. Scored once on a sifter that beat Jarry five hole and had another glorious chance where he had Jarry beat on a slick right to left move but hit the post on a yawning net. The thing holding the Royals back is they have good players but just quite not enough attention to defensive detail. Wth the Royals playing on back to back nights, once the Oil Kings broke through offensively, the game was essentially over. Hodges is a part of the forward mix that can stand to better in their own zone.
2. Tyler Stahl D - Really impressed with Stahl's game today. Scored with a bomb from the point, laid out numerous hits including one on Luke Bertolucci that was illegal (headshot) that raised the ire of the Oil Kings and blocked a shot with his head that stopped a surefire goal. The shot did not keep him out of the game. He was right back out there the next shift. His toughness and his dependability was on full display tonight. Victoria captain played like a captain tonight, unfortunately he did not get much help along the way.

1. T.J. Foster C - Foster was his usual, reliable self. Chipped in offensively with a goal and an assist. His line with Stephane Legault and Curtis Lazar was the most effiecient on the night. Foster shows his versatility by switching back to center from the wing where he has played most of the year. Pro scouts have to be impressed with how Foster handles himself on the ice. A do-it-all type forward that can play in any of the 12 forward slots and be productive.
2. Cody Corbett D - With Griffin Reinhart and David Musil out of the lineup for the Oil Kings, it meant more minutes were going to be piled up on Corbett's lap. He responded with his best game of the season, at least of the games I've seen. Did a great job of puck distributing, including setting up Dylan Wruck for breakaways on two different occasions with nice stretch passes. Scored by walking in from the point and putting a well placed wrist shot over the glove of Polivka. Corbett was solid in his own zone as well.

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