Friday, October 21, 2011

Game Report: Edmonton 8 Portland 4

1. EDM D. Wruck, (3) (M. St. Croix, C. Lazar), 11:46
1. EDM M. St. Croix, (4) (C. Lazar, D. Wruck), 12:57
1. EDM A. Sautner, (1) (M. St. Croix, D. Wruck), 13:11
2. EDM K. Pelss, (4) (T. Foster, G. Reinhart), 13:51 (PP)
2. POR T. Rutkowski, (3) , 17:39 (PP)
2. EDM M. Gernat, (6) (D. Wruck, C. Lazar), 18:19
3. POR T. Rattie, (10) (J. Morrow, T. Rutkowski), 0:50 (PP)
3. EDM T. Foster, (6) (K. Pelss), 3:56 (SH)
3. POR J. Trott, (2) (B. Leipsic, J. Hanson), 6:15
3. EDM S. Legault, (6) (T. Foster), 6:39
3. POR B. Leipsic, (3) (B. Ross, C. De Leo), 10:58
3. EDM R. Dech, (1) (K. Wilson, R. Rachinski), 16:03

Goalies Portland GA Mins SH SVS PIM
1 Burke, Brendan 3 20:00 8 5 0
31 Carruth, Mac 5 40:00 20 15 0

Goalies GA Mins SH SVS PIM
31 Brossoit, Laurent 4 60:00 24 20 0

3 Players of Note:
1. Dylan Wruck LW Edmonton. He, along with Curtis Lazar and Michael St.Croix were unstoppable tonight. Really good dynamics with these three, a shooter, passer, net crasher. I want to see Dylan Wruck succeed as bad as anyone, but his small stature may hold him back, but he has no quit in his game, just a pleasure to watch his heart and determination, mixed in with his skill.
2. Brendan Leipsic C Portland. This guy has some serious wheels and hands. But if Wruck is small, Leipsic is microscopic. Much like Wruck, no quit, all hustle. Was a handful for the Oil Kings defense all night. Offensively dynamic, defensively subpar. Would probably be better off being a winger at the next level.
3. Kristians Pelss LW Edmonton. I kinda bagged on Pelss during the rookie camp for the Oilers, for his lack of compete, so I feel I should make it right. He has become more physical over the last few games and finishing some of his opportunities as well. Good on Pelss for coming around on the North American game and now making a regular contribution to the Oil Kings.

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